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Budget awaits veto

The continuing saga of the Great 2010 Budget Debate took a new turn yesterday, as legislators proposed some changes they'll make to. Not coincidentally, those changes might just be the sort of thing that would win over a stray legislator or two when it comes time next week to vote on overriding the governor's veto.

Speaking of the budget veto, the budget bill arrived at the governor's office yesterday. He has five days to act on it. Spokeswoman Dennise Casey said that is most likely to happen Monday.

Predictions on the override?

- Terri Hallenbeck

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Veto will be sustained
veto will be overturned
Up to now it has chiefly been a war of words, however unless cooler heads prevail between now and then and something happens differently prior to make a showdown unnecessary, if the Governor vetoes the state budget, his veto will be overridden.

Whatever the case turns out to be however, all of this goes to show the wisdom of the voters in electing a divided government like it has.

Maybe this is at least in part because, while they may think the Governor and their local state representatives or state senator are nice enough people to elect and keep in office, these same voters may not trust either side enough with too much power and the one safe guard they have is to have the two branches of government possibly balancing each other out, with less harm resulting; although it is quite possible they also hoped the two sides could play better together and actually something more meaningful done, if they could ever get over themselves long enough to do so.

It would help if the two sides could quit blaming each other and finally accept responsibility in order to seriously work this out.

If not, then they both deserve to share the blame for their failure of leadership this session and getting done what voters elected them to do and well deserve a big F.

Most, although not all, of the media/press is not much help in these regards of course since they just feed this sort of thing between the two sides, otherwise they would have next to nothing to report and therefore justify their job and salaries either.
Anonymous said...
Veto will be sustained

ha, ha, ha, ha, ha
The real question is whos personality and ego has caused the breakdown of a working relationship
Jim Douglas' arrogant attitude is causing the breakdown.

He is acting more and more like the GOP in DC - the party of NO!
Just keep telling yourself that!
What does Pat McDonald think because that's all that really matters.
Oh, yeah.
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