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Not on the invite list

The governor's staff released his new budget proposal this afternoon. You can read more about the details in tomorrow's Free Press (no, I can't give you a link to the future).

The chairwomen of the Legislature's two appropriations committees were also briefed today on the budget.

Distinctly missing from the invitation list, however, were the House speaker and the Senate president pro tem. They are ultimately the people who have to sell any plan to their members, but they weren't there because the governor's staff didn't invite them.

Finance Commissioner Jim Reardon said time constraints prevented a meeting with Speaker Shap Smith and Pro Tem Peter Shumlin, and that the administration's money people usually deal with the Legislature's money people.

Administration Secretary Neale Lunderville said, "We'd be happy to brief legislative leaders."

Interesting decision not to include them in the first conversation.

For those of you who have not witnessed the smoke coming out of the ears, keep in mind that there is not a lot of love, or trust, lost between the governor and Shumlin.

Smith said this afternoon of the lack of invitation, "I'm not going to take to much from it."

- Terri Hallenbeck

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" . . . there is not a lot of love, or trust, lost between the governor and Shumlin."

Is there love lost between ANYONE and Shumlin? Deep down, I'm not even sure Shumlin likes Shumlin.
Jim Douglas is petty and vindictive. He's got the thinnest political skin in Vermont. His feelings are hurt so he snubs Smith and Shumlin. Class act huh?
You would snub them too.
Shumlin is a class act, huh?
How can you a trust or work with a Governor who smiles to your face and then publicly bashes you.

Douglas has become the most politically partisan person in Montpelier.
Do you know how all the parties are acting? in private and in public?
"Douglas has become the most politically partisan person in Montpelier."

Douglas learned about partisan hackery from Shumlin. He's still Vermont's shining example.
How does one not include the elected legislative leaders, who are the people's representatives, in the discussion? Perhaps because no discussion is welcome. Sound like the governor wants to impose his will, not do what is best for citizens.
Douglas, and his team of Gibbs, Smith, and Lunderville were partisan before Shumlin came back to the legislature.

Douglas has taken opartisanship to a new level with Lunderville and Casey leading the way!
"Sound like the governor wants to impose his will, not do what is best for citizens."

Duh. Under our constitution, the Governor originates the budget and submits it to the Legislature. You want him to give up his constitutional duty and become just another member of the legislature.

And who's imposing its will? The Legislature, that's who.
XDouglasX Shumlin has become the most politically partisan person in Montpelier.
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