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Racine announces campaign consultants

Some of you may already know this. We took a break over the weekend to do some running, so now we will play political catch-up.

The press release arrived in our inbox moments ago. It's from Rep. Mark Larson, D-Burlington, about himself and Sam Winship signing on to the Racine for Governor campaign.

It says Larson will focus on organizing and constituent outreach. Winship will provide fundraising support for the campaign.

The release continues: Mark Larson serves in the Vermont House of Representatives as the Vice Chair of the Appropriations Committee. “Mark has a history of building bridges to help solve the problems working families face and this is what our campaign is all about.” said Racine.

“I am concerned about Vermont’s future” said Larson. "We desperately need a leader who believes in Vermont and can bring Vermonters together. Doug has a track record of doing this and I am excited to work with the growing number of people who see Doug as the leader our state needs in times like these.”

Sam Winship is from Rutland and has a history of campaign fundraising work. He worked for the Tom Salmon’s campaign for Auditor in 2006 and for Steve Howard’s campaign for Mayor in 2007. Most recently, Sam served as the Finance Director for Segall for Congress in Alabama's 3rd Congressional District.

“As native Vermonter and UVM graduate, I know how hard this recession is on young people,” Winship said, “Doug has a history of working for young people and creating jobs. We need his leadership now more than ever.”

If everyone is already focusing on the next election, who is going to work on a remedy to the current stalemate? Isn't there an opportunity for a political hero here? Is that what Auditor Tom Salmon was thinking when he suggested he mediate between Gov. Jim Douglas and Democratic legislative leaders? Or is it hopeless?

-- Nancy Remsen

Go Doug Racine!

Of the "interested" candidates (Racine, Markowitz, Shumlin, Bartlett,Pollina, and yes even Salmon), Doug Racine has the best chance to unseat Jim Douglas (Douglas is a Governor that lacks vision, leadership, common-sense)
No Markowitz !!! No Markowitz !!!
Getting a campaign organization together doesn't mean other priorities will be neglected.

Sounds like a good start for what hopefully will be a successful campaign for Racine who genuinely has the interests of Vermonters in mind and would be our best choice for governor.
Racine makes me sleepy.
Racine is thoughtful, compassionate, smart, and is a small businessman - he will make a great governor!
Larson makes me sleepy
Racine actually has original thoughts! Than makes him stand out from the rest of the Ds and certainly from the current Gov. Go Doug!
Do you think Racine can unseat Douglas? He tried once before and never got close. I hope so. I like Markowitz too, and Shumlin. Either way, Douglas will have a battle this time around.
Give me a break...

Doug Racine was within 3000 or 5000 votes statewide in 2002 - it was 45% to 42% --- I'd say that was pretty close.

Go Doug!
"Douglas is a Governor that lacks vision, leadership, common-sense)"

Oh, yeah, sure, Racine is big on the vision thing and the leadership thing. That's why he's been in the news every day since he lost to Douglas in 2002 -- not!

There isn't a single Democrat in Montpelier who isn't just a bag man for the unions and VPIRG. It's pathetic and disgusting.
To Doug Racine...

PUHLEASE... I am a Democrat BUT if Markowitz wins the primary, I will consider voting for Douglas.

Doug Racine will make an excellent governor!
Wow, someone has a serious issue with the Sec of State, eh, Montpelier 28? You'd vote for Douglas before Markowitz? That's just mentally unbalanced.
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