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Blogger seeks Senate seat

Blogger Philip Baruth is looking to take his politics out of cyberspace and into the Statehouse.

Baruth, 47, author of Vermont Daily Briefing, filed his bank designation form Monday with the Secretary of State's Office, indicating he's started raising money for a campaign for state Senate in Chittenden County.

He's running for the Democratic nomination for one of six Senate seats and he admits that it's early _ more than 17 months before the 2010 election. "Yeah, it's a lot early," he said, and that's the point. "People generally don't come out this early and they generally lose."

Baruth, who is also an author and English professor at the University of Vermont, is looking to break into a field that most first-timers find tough to crack. There may be at least one incumbent among the six not running, though, as Doug Racine says he's running for governor.

- Terri Hallenbeck

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Floyd Nease for Lt Governor.
Jim Condos for Sec of State.
Rod Blagojevich for AG.
Floyd Nease all the way!
What Vermont doesn't need is a very partisan hack such as Nease as our Lt. Governor. Nease has a reputation as a "it's my way or the highway" so-called "leader". Baruth would be more of the same.
Gee, then you must not support Gov Douglas - he who has championed "my way or the highway!"
Jim Douglas is the only sanity in Montpelier. He is the only buffer between bankrupcy and solvency.
You must be kidding - Douglas' way of solving teh budget is to pass the buck to the cities and towns.

That way he can blame them for raising property taxes.
If cities and towns want local control of school decisions, then they should see what costs they're actually incurring, and foot the bill. Only then will people wake up and do something about out of control school spending in Vermont.
The reason the legislature and Governor took over the Teachers Retirement in 1947 was to protect teh towns from property tax increases.

It also was for efficiency and equality purposes instead of having every district control their own retirement funds.

Actually, VT should followe the lead of NH and bring all local Law Enforcement and Fire Service retirement under one state controlled umbrella as well.
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