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So what is up with the state job cuts?

Administration officials are now working on a plan to save Agency of Human Services money without closing the St. Johnsbury prison, as had been proposed. You can read about the ever-changing dynamics of the state job cuts HERE.

- Terri Hallenbeck

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Terri, your usual commenters are quiet. Tnanks for the updates.
Once again a union of workers runs the show. If I were one of them I'd rather work four days than no days or I'd rather take a 5% cut in pay than a 100% cut in pay/
VSEA's offer to the Douglas Administration totaled $2,600 out of the average state employee's pocket - more than 5% of their salaries. State workers also offered furloughs which were immediately rejected.

Don't blame the Union for this - blame the guy who is handing out the pink slips.
The union is not helping either side.
Don't blame the VSEA - State workers offered $20 million in cost savings three months ago.

Anonymous, a four day work week was one of the ideas the state workers talked about. The savings we offered were more than 5%.

Labor costs are less than 2.8% of the state budget but the Governor's actual job cuts and the ones on the table now represent 15% of state jobs.
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