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Rumblings on the special session

The rumble around Montpelier is that legislators could come back June 2 and adjourn to the following week to take care of the 2010 budget that the governor promises to veto if it ever makes it to his desk. Mind you this is rumble, which is different from fact. I think the fact is that no one under all the sun, stars and clouds quite knows what will happen.

There are at least a couple possible theories for why they might do that stutter-step special session thing. If:

a) The Democratic majority has a member or members who can't make it June 2, but can be there the week after to give them enough allow for an override of the veto.


b) The Democratic majority doesn't have the votes to override and will need that extra week to work out a budget compromise with the governor.

House Republican Leader Patti Komline of Dorset said today that she has the votes to sustain the governor's veto. We don't, however, know what kind of reconstructive surgery Democrats have planned for any wayward members between now and whenever a vote might take place.

Senate President Pro Tem Peter Shumlin also claimed today that Democrats would have the votes to override.

- Terri Hallenbeck

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Isnt' it nice how Shumlin speaks for the House? I hope Shap can back up Shumlin's guarantee.
Whatever Shumlin says, believe the opposite. You won't go wrong.
Isn't it nice how the Governor's mouthpiece (Dennise Casey) always knows what the legislature is thinking!

Douglas, Casey, Lunderville, and Reardon have made this process more partisan.
There should be some kind of Hatch Act kind of provision that prevents state officials, like Reardumb, from taking positions either way. Isn't he supposed to be impartial? Don't I pay his salary? And Lundervaudvillian's? They should keep their mouths shut and let King James mount his own defense.
Shap and Shumlin are digging themselves a giant hole that's going to be hard to get out of.
Douglas and Dubie are digging themselves a giant hole that's going to be hard to get out of.
The Governor's armor is showing cracks - and they are getting wider as he goes more and more to the right.

He's closing in on Limbaugh's philosophy of conservatism.
It's a race to the bottom.....
Ol Shummy is once again ready to throw the real Dems under the bus. Smith better take charge soon.
Let's all face the facts: Shumlin and Smith get it. They've been leading all session while the Governor has done little to nothing to help Vermonters during the biggest economic downturn since the Great Depression.
Wait a minute: how is raising capital gains taxes going to help with the economic downturn? We need more investment, more start-ups, more entrepreneurs - and these will all be less likely to help us due the cap gains increase.

What's worse, the Dems imposed the cap gains increase without any hearings. That's bad government.
Aah... News Flash... the first person to propose closing the capital gains loophole was none other than Gov Jim Douglas, 2 years ago!

It was Shumlin who opposed it then because he realistically said that the state may need those dollars as the economy tanks!
Shumlin would throw Shap or anyone else under the bus.
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