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Guiding the voter

Some of you people who read blogs might have noticed that more and more stuff is on the World Wide Web.

Add to that list the new Free Press voter guide. You punch in some numbers, and voila, up pops your ballot, from president on down to your legislative race with info about the candidates you'll be choosing from. Provided those candidates played our game and coughed up the info.

In the good old-fashioned newspaper - the kind you hold in your hands - we are running this week and next answers from legislative candidates across Chittenden County. For those of you keeping track at home, there are 81 of them. It's a lot of work, done mostly by Nancy Remsen, who might not ever be the same as a result.

The charts will help voters differentiate the candidate on issues such as budget priorities and Vermont Yankee. They'll learn how candidates would cast their ballot for governor if no candidates wins at least 50 percent and the race goes to the Legislature. Some pretty interesting answers there.

Online, the Free Press will be offering even more races in more counties. Jackie Kazil, our web goddess, martyred herself to make that happen. Check it out HERE.

- Terri Hallenbeck

Works for me.
Great! It has the JW Seal of Approval. It must be good.
what is "ST GOV"?
I think he's the guy jw shares his Wild Irish Rose with under the Interstate 89 bridge.
The Interstate 89 bridge?

You think that there is only one, bubba? I guess that you've never actually been on it, never left the state of Vermont!!??!!

That would explain a lot.
WOW! What a great flamer at Bubba. You are really cleaver and cool.

You sure got him....one bridge in VT. Can you believe it? Geesh.

Thanks for staying on guard, JW Mini-me, for those times when Coopy isn't glued to the keyboard to enthrall us with his razor sharp insights and wit.
When Coop gets sent to the woodshed he posts under other identities to throw up smoke screen. He must have ten over at the Argus now

Time to time he will also have one of those other identities come to his defense.

When called on it he always responds with some variation of "can you prove it? Yeah, that's what I thought." He then goes on to tell the person disappear, dismissed or some other Cooper nonsense.

I used to think he was a reasonably smart person just having fun at being a troll but I guess he really is as much of a hapless boob as he appears to be.

Both the Argus and the Free Press love the little freak because he makes traffic on the sites that can be used to “prove” advertising is being viewed. Mr. Personality is money in the bank for them.

Now at this point Cooper claims I said there was some sort of agreement between him and the papers and again demands proof. Sorry sweaty pie (no Coopsy, I meant to spell it that way) you’re just a useful babbling moron for them.

Undoubtedly we will soon see the allegations that I or someone else made threats against his wife again and again and again. I guess he buys into the theory that if you keep telling the same lie over and over again people will believe it.

Good luck with that freak show.

I do regularly post his name, phone number, real email address and home address with google map directions. What I get a kick out of is that he will 90% repost all of that information.

That combined with his obvious effort to be identifiable when he posts his nonsense (same wordings and style, using JWCoop10 for an identity) makes it fairly obvious he wants someone to track him down.

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Whoops, I forgot:

Jeffrey Cooper
Montpelier, VT



Vote Tom Costello for Lt Gov,
Vote Tom Costello for Lt Gov,
Quick question on the voter guide, then y'all can go back to talking about off topic things.

I live in Chittenden 3-3, Rachel and Jason's district. I was under the assumption I get to vote for both of these candidates, but according to the Voter Guide, I only get to vote for one of them. Is that right?
Can't figure out something simple like voting - yet ANOTHER dimocrat/prog. Why don't you call ACORN.

You are not very helpful. I was asking a question related to the topic, because the BFP Voter Guide is not accurate. So please keep your pity off topic remarks to yourself.

I just wanted to comment that the BFP Voter Guide is not correctly guiding voters. And that someone at the BFP should correct it.
Here is an idea. If you think it is wrong pick up the phone and call Terry.

Do yo really think anyone pays attention to anything said here? If they did, they would have blocked Coopy by now.

The only time the BFP staff reads this is when they can't get their hands on a copy of today's funny papers.
Anonymous at 10:15 a.m., I think you are correct that BFP's guide is incorrect. I think that Chitt 3-3 is a two-seat district.

For what it's worth, Wikipedia agrees: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vermont_Representative_Districts,_2002-2012#Districts

Wish other losers on this site had not attacked you for asking a simple question. Unfortunately, there apparently are no manners in cyberspace . . .
Thanks for everyone on here who clarified my question about the BFP Voter Guide.
Yes, that is a two-seat district. Thanks for pointing it out - I will pass it along to the Web people.
- TH
Anonymous said...

"Wish other losers on this site had not attacked you for asking a simple question. Unfortunately, there apparently are no manners in cyberspace . . ."

Well, in the absence of any and all factual evidence in support of their psychotic-slop, ignorant anonymous-trash posters are apt to do that. It's not like they've got any other arrows in their quiver or tricks up their sleeve.

Then again, when you're dumb, you're scum and ya got bupkis, that's bound to happen, little fella.

Always a pleasure.
Whoa... Coopy stands up against flames from posters on this blog.

What a guy! What a man of valour and honor! He would never attack someone for asking a question or sharing a point. No! He would never attack something he thought was a psychotic-slop, ignorant anonymous-trash post. Coopy don't play that game.
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