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That women thing

In case you missed Dee Dee Myers, Channel 17 taped her and has the speech on its Web site. You can see it HERE.

Yes, she can be partisan in her comments, but it seemed to me that she made a case, no matter one's political beliefs, for diversity in the workplace. She was talking gender diversity specifically. I would argue other kinds of diversity are also valuable.

Since the room was filled with mostly women, and from the applause at particular moments, mostly Democratic women, it might behoove other sorts - men, for instance, and Republicans to take a listen. Republicans just might not like the jokes as much.

Speaking of Channel 17, they'll soon have on their Web site a debate taped yesterday among the lt. gov candidates.

- Terri Hallenbeck

Why would ANY intelligent person want to listen to a whiny left-wing feminist like Myers who whored herself out to Bill Clinton to squelch his "affairs" during the 90's? Is there no limit to how STUPID Vermont "feminists" can be???
bubba said...

"...Is there no limit to how STUPID Vermont "feminists" can be???"

Yeah, the level of you and the rest of the ignorant anonymous trash community on your best day, bubbakis.

So, has your face got any more preemptive strikes ya wanna launch on the toe of my boot, little fella, or has your ignorant anonymous ass gotten it all outta your system for the time bein'?

Always a treasure. Always a pleasure.
Don't women know that all libs are rapists?

Now stop listening to them and get that laundry done.
Tom Costello for Lt. Governor
Yeah baby! Pollina 25 percent, Symington 20% in the Rasmuessen Poll! Doesless at 45 percent.

Time for the legislature to grow a set and dump Doesless!
DUMP DOUGLAS IN 2008!!!!!!!
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