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Pollina hitting people up for money

Independent gubernatorial candidate Anthony Pollina is trying to make up for lost time on the fundraising front with an e-mail to supporters today, making an appeal for them to give the full $2,000 they're now allowed to give, following yesterday's federal court decision.

The message also says the campaign will record its first TV ad Friday.

- Terri Hallenbeck

Huh? This is news? Please.

Oh wait, this just in: Gaye Symington is asking for money, too. Oh my, so is Jim Douglas. And you know what else? They're also running television ads.

Quick, Terri, stay on auto-pilot and get this out. But whatever you do, don't investigate. Just keep regurgitating.
Pollina never stopped hitting people up for money. He even accepted a $2000 check after the Markowitz/Sorrell rulings. And, even if he followed the ruling, he was free to raise up to $1000 from anyone and everyone all along. The result? $6000 raised in September.
Since that Casey simpleton abused her state employee status to pimp for Jimbo, Douglas should not ask her to come back after the election. She can be one of his personal job cuts! Jason Glibbs seems to be able to handle her job plus his own, so it's not like she'll be missed. Get rid of the waste, and in Casey's case, she is waste.
Yet another jw clone? Do they arrive in Vermont in giant pods?
Whoever posted that wasn't me.

Get your own name 'bubba'.
Jim Douglas is now guilty of abuse of powwer and spending Vt Taxpayer money for his own campaign.

He should just resign!
And Barry Barack Hussein Obama is also spending millions of taxpayer money on his own campaign, thanks to the taxpayer's funding of ACORN! Guess that's different when it comes to black activists.
Pollina is a joke.
The GOP still thinks it's a crime to register a black man to vote.
Now that Randy Brock is gone, how many African Americans does the Douglas Administration employ? Seems like zero to me, but I could be wrong. How about Asians? Zero again? Is Douglas a racist?
Nothing wrong with registering a black man. It's the dead ones and multiple-occurances and imaginary names that bothers me.
Any evidence that dead people actually got registered anywhere?
ACRON does not register people to vote.

Obama does not register people to vote.

McCain does not register people to vote.

Adding names to the voter file is the responsibility of the Secretaries of State, on the state level.

If a list is inaccurate (and so far there is no evidence of that) then it is the reasonability of the Secretary of State.

But isn't it more fun to blame black people and poor people who are trying to get out the vote?
You might want to check on the Ohio Secretary of State who has been ORDERED by Federal Court to verify all of the 200,000 or so phony names "registered" by ACORN (i.e., Micky Mouse, Tony Romo and the entire Dallas Cowboys) or maybe the "workers" jailed in Washington state last year. You may be a liberal hypocrite but I'm sure you do occasionally have someone read you the news.
bubba said...

"..You may be a liberal hypocrite but I'm sure you do occasionally have someone read you the news."

Well, we know your ignorant anonymous ass doesn't and none of your coalition of the clueless cretin comrades can read it to ya, bubbakis.

Your all ayers and acorn, all the time just ain't bearin' fruit, little fraudulent fella.

Ya got bupkis, bubbakis. Ya always do.

Get your ignorant anonymous ass some new talkin' points, schmuck, and take your psychotic-slop where the climate suits your sheet.

Always a pleasure.
Does ACORN manage the voter rolls?

Do they say who gets a ballot and who doesn't?

No? Oh well. I'm sure we can blame the blacks anyway.
Gops always do. Ignorant bigotry is their bread and butter.

It's who they are. It's what they do.
Oh crap, I have to write something for the blog again today. Maybe no one will notice I'm clueless if my post is about campaign hitting people up for money.
"..Maybe no one will notice I'm clueless if.."

No such luck, little fraudulent fella.

You always are. I always do. I always will.

Count on it.

Always a pleasure.
Anonymous said...


You always were, little fella. You always are. You always will be.

Always a pleasure.
It isn't news that Pollina begs for cash.

It'll be news if someone actually trusts Pollina with their money.
News for Bubba: Supreme Court nixes Ohio registration ploy.
Fianlly, the US Supreme COurt STOPPED the GOP from trying to disenfranchise voters!
When a gop Supreme Court nixes a gop-slime ploy to depress voter turnout it tells ya all ya need to know.

Now, if they can just keep the gop-slime Governors from purging the voter rolls and accusing everyone named Chaniqua or Barack of being a convicted felon until proven otherwise, we just might have us a clean, legitimate election for a change.
S.B. + D.S. = Love

You can't hide your lyin' eyes gals.
I have to tell you all about the really swell dream I had when I took my nap this afternoon.

In my dream I was on the steps of the State house speaking to my followers through a bullhorn when two big burly State Troopers grabbed me and rushed me inside the building while my legions of fans screamed and cried.

They took me to a secret room far below the earth and started to torture me. I wasn’t going to tell them where the secret airbase was though!

They saw that they were not going to get anywhere with me so one of em said to the other one “We better get the boss, he’ll know what to do.” Anyway one of em goe though this little door an speaks to the boss. Then the boss, he comes out!

And you will never guess in a million years who it was so I will tell you OK?



He come over to me looking all creepy like the walking dead or something. He comes over to me and I saw he was going to try to do the Vulcan mind thingy on me. I pretended like I was scared but you know I wasn’t but he didn’t as soon as he was close enough I used my super strength to break the handcuffs and was going to teach him a lesson he would never forget!

Suddenly there was a screeching noise from the shadows and Condoleezza Rice came racing out with long fangs glistening! She was a vampire!!!!!

She quickly bit me and I passed out from loss of blood.

When I woke up (in my dream I was REALLY still asleep) I was chained to a rusty old bed without no clothes on. The chains must have been made out of outer space metal cuz even I couldn’t break them.

Anyway, about then I heard a door open and a man with a nice soothing voice said “Hello? Is someone in here?”

I was still about a quart low on blood so I called back weakly “Who’s there?”

“It’s Governor Douglas.” The voice said coming closer. He stopped where I could not see him and gasped with horror. Then he started to try to unfasten the chains.

I thought maybe Condoleezza the vampire would come back for more blood so I said “HURRY!”

But he didn’t hurry. He stopped and got really quiet. Then he said “Are you giving me orders? ARE YOU GIVING ME ORDERS YOU STINKING WORM?!?!?!?!?”

He got up and walked around in front where I could see him he looked real mad and was dressed in skin tight black leather and had a bull whip.

He bent down and grabbed my face then got real close up and snarled “I guess you need a little lesson in manners, BITCH!”

About then I woke up. I really wanted to know how my dream came out so I thought maybe Mr. Douglas would know and called him to ask. I didn’t get to talk to him but the nice lady that answered the phone told some scientists about how I must be real smart and they came with the police to take me to a special research facility.

I’m there now and it’s almost as cool as my really cool dream. All the scientist came and talked to me for a real long time. I guess then must have been realizing how dumb they are compared to me cuz they all looked really worried.

They just gave me some little white pills to help me to sleep so I could have more dreams to tell them about.

I’m kinda sleep now so I’m going to go nite-nite.

Luv n Kisses,

And as scum vote fortunes fade, the parade of the bupkis brigade rolls on into clueless-cretin oblivion.

Theirs is not to reason why, theirs is to vote gop, move to Mississippi and die.

March on, little nameless-nitwit fellas. March on.

That's entertainment.
All these years together and I still say those three little words to Jeff 100 times a day.

Nice try, schmuck.
Why is anyone even discussing Pollina?

"Why is anyone even discussing Pollina?"

Because if he don't divide, doogie can't conquer.

Always a pleasure.
Ah Coopy...always the victim.

You have been rationalizing Gaye's defeat even before she entered the race.

The best qualified, best prepared, candidate with a platform that resonants with the electorate wins. In free elections it is measured by our votes.

Plain and simple.

Once again, it is time to accept personal responsibility for your actions and failures.

Captain America
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