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Days turn to weeks

The clock ticks toward the election and still no decision from federal court on how much money gubernatorial candidate Anthony Pollina can raise from each supporter. $1,000? $2,000? Any amount under the sun?

Pollina's supporters and the state made their cases to Judge William Sessions on Oct. 1. Both sides thought there would be a decision within days. We are still within days but you could also measure the time in weeks

- Terri Hallenbeck

Pollina loves campaign finance laws, as long as they apply to other people.

He's sued TWICE to overturn the law that he says that he fought so hard for.
Who is Anthony Pollina?

Pro-Campaign finance law
Anti-Campaign finance law

Once a Democrat, then a Progressive, now an "Independent" who just happens to work inside of the Progressive Party. It's just a matter of time before he declares as a Liberty Union Party candidate.

He ran the Vermont Milk Company but then he pretended that he didn't ...

He's all over the map.
"Who is (fill in the blank)?

He was for (fill in the blank) before he was against (fill in the blank).

How about deviating a little from the canned "talking points" the Republican party disseminates.
How about a tad of consistency from Tony?

Too much to ask for?
Pollina can't manage money.

He ran the Milk Company into the ground.

He ran his campaign budget into the ground.

He'll raise taxes and run the state into the ground.
He's consistently put incompetent gop-trash in office, little nameless-nitwit fella. Don't be such a pig.
Has anyone noticed the VT Democratic Party web site is down....all day I may add, can they not afford to renew their domain name? Three weeks before the election?
Vt Democrats website is up and working right now!
Oh My GOD! You mean that they had a computer problem?

What a SCANDAL! Let's focus on this instead of all of the jobs that Jim Douglas has lost!!
Vermonters appear ready to bury their heads in the sand yet again and return Douglas to another two year stint.

In the next session, the Dems and Progs can choose to focus again on global warming, ending the war, impeachment and all the rest, or, here's an idea, instead focus on real local and state issues that are killing Vermont slowly (under Jimmy D's rein). With wishy washy Gaye out of the way, maybe we'll see some forward movement and some strength, which has been sorely lacking. It is a super majority after all, and, God willing, will stay that way.
Blah, blah, blah. Pollina's leaving Symington in the dust. She dropped 13 points in a month's time. She looks like a ghost in her ads. Pretty soon she'll be one.
Oh yeah, that Pollina on fire!!!
Keep telling yourself that, Sport.
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