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Pollina snubs Symington

Independent gubernatorial candidate Anthony Pollina is taking the Rasmussen poll and running with it.

He is trying to get Gov. Jim Douglas to agree to a debate, town-meeting-style, between just the two of them. No Gaye Symington.

His news release on it reads:
"With only a few weeks left before the election and the Democratic
candidate slipping badly in the polls I am asking the Governor to meet in a town
meeting style debate so we can talk directly with voters about the issues facing
Vermont. The Governor can pick the date to meet his schedule."

That's not how his letter to Douglas reads, however. He makes no mention of Symington being invited or not. Douglas campaign manager Dennise Casey said she didn't realize Symington wasn't invited until I mentioned it.

That prompted her to call it a campaign stunt and suggest that chances were slim Douglas would take part.

"I don't think the governor is interested in participating in a political stunt orchestrated by Anthony Pollina," Casey said. "This is hypocritical of Anthony Pollina to try to squeeze out another candidate when he previously said all candidates should be included."

Pollina campaign manager Meg Brook said the sense of Symington's slip comes from more than the Rasmussen poll, but from conversations with people in the streets. Having Douglas and Pollina face off one-on-one would give voters a better sense of the contrast between the two, she said.

- Terri Hallenbeck

More political games from Pollina.

He's spent his life saying that everyone should be included and then he pulls this stunt, which goes against it all.

It's way too typical.
what a joke. nobody is taking this poll seriously except pollina and his cult. only a candidate with no credibility would try to use a poll with no credibility.

and don't you just love the hypocrisy: as terri rightly points out, when it's good for him, he insists on everyone being included in the debates. but now that doesn't fit with his latest hail mary strategy so he's taking the opposite position.

when the campaign laws work for him he supports them. when they work against him he sues and whines and complains.

i'm so tired of this sideshow. he has already become peter diamondstone, but he and his tiny circle don't realize it.

i guess this proves once again that anthony is good at getting media attention, but he's still no good at getting votes.
and i really love their prof of momentum. the "polls" that show him on the rise - when there's only this ridiculous poll. and meg brooks saying "people on the streets"

yeah, right.
At least Peter Diamondstone has personal integrity. He may be a Marxist moonbat and probably Abbie Hoffman's crazy uncle, but he has personal integrity nonetheless.

In fact, I think Pollina should be sentenced to driving cross-country with Diamondstone. Brattleboro to Berkeley in Diamondstone's car. Pollina wouldn't make it to Watertown, even if Diamondstone took a shower beforehand.
I just want to point out that while the major parties have been excluding people all along Pollina has taken the time to attend:

1) A debate hosted by me(Sam Young) in Glover.
2) Attend and Speak to UVM student government.
3) The debate hosted by Channel 17 CCTV- The center for Media and Democracy

While the "major" parties declined to attend. Whose really into exclusion here?

Just a fact check folks.

Happy Pollina bashing.

Sam Young
Independent for Governor
Douglas and Symington have canceled ten debates. It's ridiculous.
What is ridiculous is Tony Pollina claiming that he has support outside of the Intervale in Burlington.
douglas is the one cancelling debates

and besides they've already done like 12 or something and there are more to come. that's plenty.
He's kicking their asses in debates and he's kicking Symington's ass in the polls. Whine and moan if you want but get a friggin' candidate. He didn't want her to have to embarass herself yet again by inviting her to a debate.
Polls???? Which polls???

One poll by a firm by an outfit that isn't even trusted by the AP?

Gimme a break.

Tony has jumped the shark.
The truth is the voters don't care. This stunt really makes Pollina look like a cartoon character.
Progressives are worse than Republicans, yes Anthony Pollina is a Prog but running as a so-called Independent.

What would Pollina be like as Governor?

Juts look at the dope Bob Kiss..the Prog mayor of Burlington...corruption is rampant with this party. Don't be fooled.
It's a cult, not a party.
"Corruption is rampant"..your evidence of this?

"the dope Bob Kiss" because he dignified and doesn't seek the spotlight all the time like Douglas?
People who vote against their own economic and social interests and for those who curtail their constitutional rights are the ones who behave like cult members.
In other words, gops.
The Progressives can't recruit like a cult - it is sad!
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