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Pollina wins

Write those checks, Pollina supporters. Judge Sessions says it's OK.

Anthony Pollina supporters may each write checks for as much as $2,000 to support his gubernatorial candidacy, U.S. District Judge William Sessions ruled Wednesday.

Based on the decision, Pollina, an independent candidate for governor, won’t have to return contributions in excess of $1,000 to 35 contributors, as state officials had ordered.

Five Pollina contributors had challenged the planned enforcement of stricter limits by the Attorney General and Secretary of State.

Sessions ruled that since Pollina started out as a Progressive Party candidate, he, like other major party candidates, could accept contributions up to $2,000 per person or organization at any time — from campaign kickoff up to election day.

Even though Pollina decided in July to run as an independent and no longer faced a primary election, Session said his change in status didn’t change the rules on contributions.

The state had argued that Pollina never officially became a Progressive candidate because he didn’t file the paperwork in July. Sessions countered that Pollina met the definition of a candidate in the campaign finance law by announcing that he was running, collecting donations and making expenditures on a campaign.

So is this ruling too late to breathe financial life into the Pollina campaign?

-- Nancy Remsen

Even though it is now considered "legal", It clearly is a manipulation of the system!

It's all about Anthony - and not about Vermont!
So much noise from Pollina, so little substance ... and he always gets so FEW votes.

Too bad. We should all be talking about the catastrophic policies of Jim Douglas instead.
It's the first and only thing that Pollina will ever win.
Pollina has never won anything - it's easy to take shots and even to promise the world when you have never had to be accountable!
He only raised $6,000 last reporting period and he won't raise much this reporting period. He's done.

It's down between Symington and Douglas and Gaye will lose and Pollina will be the spoiler like he was last time...and nearly the time before that.
he should turn the money over to the farmers he ripped off at the Vermont Milk co.
Check out Shay Totten's column in this week's Seven Days! Looks like Duhnnise Casey and the Douglas campaign crew have been abusing the system. Ripping off the taxpayers to pimp for their candidate. Too bad the Vermont press doesn't dig around like Shay. But that might be like work.
POllina is polling ahead of Symington in the polls. Symington's a spoiler.
Jim Douglas, Dennise Casey, and the VT GOP are no different than the national GOP.

Now we learn that Jim Douglas has been charging campaign expenses to the state -- at a time when he says we have no money and have to cut workers, and Vt's vulnerable.

Jim Douglas' administration is corrupt!!!
C'mon Terri, and Nancy - let's see a story on the front page about this abuse of state money!

Or are you afraid of Jason Gibbs backlash!
I wonder if Tony will go back to that awful radio show in November, or if he'll take a few months off.
Please Pollina, go back to the radio show!
Who is going to be the next speaker of the house!
Could we please get a new Attorney General!

The next speaker will be Ruth Dwyer.
The next speaker will be Raul Dubie.
I wonder what Pollina will run for in 2010 -- and on what grounds he'll sue to repeal the campaign finance law.
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Sounds like another ACORN spiel.
Terri or Nancy writing about taxpayer abuse by Douglas's campaign staff? Please. They are much too busy writing about...well, something, I'm just not sure what. The key word when it comes to the Vermont press is "spoonfeed." Even then, as evidenced by a lack of reporting stories like Shay broke, Terri and Nancy are under the thumb of Gannett, so I'm sure they have their right-wing marching orders.
Membership on an advisory board? Will I have to vet each and every other member or be held accountable for their past behavior?
Only if you are a Democrat. If you are a Republican, nobody will make an issue of it.
Anonymous said...

"Only if you are a Democrat. If you are a Republican, nobody will make an issue of it."

Just ask richie tarrant about his tenure on the FAHC Board when Boettcher was butcherin' the Renaissance Project and fleecin' the joint. Nobody else has.
"Anonymous said...
Check out Shay Totten's column in this week's Seven Days! "

This says it all about where you get your new source. Seven Days?
C'mon. Get serious.
This news about Jim Douglas/Dennise Casey using taxpayer money for his campaign is a clear abuse of trust and frankly, I am shocked the media is not looking into it.

This should be a front page story - BEFORE the election.

How about it Terri or Nancy?
This comment has been removed by the author.
JWCoop10 said...
Lord knows I'm no Pollina fan, but as any serious poster with an actual name and the stones to use it and stand behind what they say, Pollina has proven himself no less trustworthy with funds and contributions entrusted to him than doogie, the incompetent, illegitimate trash currently squatting in the WH or the bankers and Wall Street slime we just started bailing out because "they're too big and important to fail".

The supply side swine and the gop-slime culture of cluelessness and corruption are responsible for this mess - just as they were responsible for the SM Crash of '29, The Great Depression, the 70s inflation and stagflation, the reagan recession deficit and debt, the SM Crash of '87, the S&L Bailout, the first bush recession, deficit and debt, and the second bush recessions, deficits and debts that have this Country in yet another bush recession and on the edge of another gop-slime Depression.

In Vermont, doogie still "thinks" the brain-dead bush economic policies are a good idea and that Social Security should be privatized, despite all evidence to the contrary and the fact that he will leave Vermont in far worse shape than he found it.
Jim Douglas is out of touch with most Vermonters!

He says he listens to Vermonters all the time -- the problem is he listens, but he only hears what he wants to hear.

Unfortunately, he has packaged his nice guy image so well, people are still voting for him.
Why don't all of you left-wing slackers stop whining. After all, it looks like you're going to have Barry Obama, Pelosi and Dirt Harry lead the country for a while. Which means the 40% of you that don't pay taxes will be getting your "bonuses" pretty soon. Enjoy it while you can, because it won't last.
The only thing whinin' is you, bubbakis, and ya still don't have a case or a clue or know what the hell your ignorant anonymous ass is talkin' about.

You're still dumb, you're still scum, ya still got bupkis and you're a disgrace to Vermont, so tell your story walkin' and take it where the climate suits your sheet, schmuck.

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