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Vt. faces new $25M hole

State officials are staring down at a $25 million hole in the ground today. That's how much less economists say the state can expect in revenues in the coming months.

Given the recent sparring between the Legislature and the governor on solving earlier gaps that included an override of his unprecedented veto of the state budget, we are headed for another interesting round.

Predictions? Does this mean more layoffs of state workers? The wholesale cutting of some service or another? More taxes?

What's your preference?

- Terri Hallenbeck

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If I were a state worker I'd rather take a 5% cut in pay than a 100% cut in pay but Jes Kraus seems to know best.
The bad news:
1)Unemployed workers pay little, or no income taxes.
2)Unemployed workers do not have discretionary money to spend so business have fewer sales and less profit to pay taxes on.
3)residents to not have capital gains to pay taxes on
4)The forecast is for more unemployment so expect tax revenue to decline.
The good news, thanks to the Legislature:
1)We will all be paying more fuel taxes (if we can afford to drive).
2)Smokers will be paying more taxes
3)Those who like alcoholic beverages will be paying more- so drink up.
4)Those with estates over $2.5 mil will be paying more- unless they change their state of residence.
5) All VSEA and VTNEA employees will get to keep their jobs.
Like Joe Biden says,"We have to spend money to keep from going bankrupt."
Time to quit protecting Douglas's rich friends. Call their bluff.
"Does this mean more layoffs of state workers?"

We can only hope so.
Jess Kraus is a hard and dedicated worker - unlike most of the Douglas cohorts.

By the way, Kraus does not make those decisions - he has a Board to answer to.

Why don't you try to understand how collective bargaining and negotiations actually work.
Time to quit protecting the Democrats' state-worker employment programs.
Collective bargaining and negotiations:
Don't you dare lay off any state workers or the VSEA and the VTNEA will campaign against you.
As for Obama- we give the union 65% of GM because of their support. We give ACORN $35 BILLION to go out and sign up more dead people. 23,000 Vermont workers take a 100% cut in pay but the 8500 VSEA workers get to keep their "recession proof" jobs. Sounds like unilateral negotiations to me!
Re; anonymous who said "If I were a state worker I'd rather take a 5% cut in pay than a 100% cut in pay but Jes Kraus seems to know best."

State employees offered to take a pay freeze and other give backs totaling $20 million. As others have pointed out you have no understanding of collective bargaining. State employees hae been waiting for Jim Douglas to come to the table but he's been too busy sharpening his axe.

NEK - you don't have a clue either.
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