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Racine says he raked in $100,000 in six weeks

Sen. Doug Racine, a Democratic candidate for governor, will report raising more than $100,000 toward his race.

He didn't match his chief Democratic competitor dollar for dollar, but Markowitz has been fundraising longer. Racine didn't get serious until after the Legislature adjourned. Her figure, as you may have seen in the previous blog entry, will be about double Racine's.

"We've had a very successful month and a half," reported Mark Larson, a state representative from Burlington who is working on Racine's campaign. Racine wanted to hit six figures and did, Larson said.

There will be a lot more details about candidate fundraising available from filings due to election officials Wednesday.

So what do the figures say about the strength of the two candidates? Is it too soon to tell anything?

Larson suggested that taken together the fundraising for Markowitz and Racine shows strong interest in unseating Republican Gov. Jim Douglas -- should he choose to run for re-election.

It will be interesting to see what Douglas reports tomorrow.

-- Nancy Remsen

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There's clearly "change in the air" as people are getting tired of Jim Douglas and his naysayer attitude.

The fact that 2 Dems have been able to raise almost $300,000 total more than a year before the next election is a positive sign!
Go Doug Racine!
Assuming that the Progressive Party doesn't run their own candidate, then this should be an easy win for the Democrats.

The recent veto overrides pretty much speak for themselves.
Easy win for the Democrats? They'll go down in flames like they always do. We'll be stuck with Douglas until he decides he wants to quit.
Must have gotten all that money from dems who DON'T pay their taxes, like most of zero's appointments.
A Progressive voice needs to be heard.
Where are the Progressives?
He's probably hanging out at Cap Grounds or Rhapsody like he always is!
Come on Progressives - let your voice be heard in this top race!
Doug Racine is doing well he should be sure to stick with it.
I don't understand what Racine's means by not being "serious" about fundraising? I read a report that said he received contributions the same week as Markowitz in February???? How is that a month and a half???
"A Progressive voice needs to be heard."

Please. What "Prog voice"? You mean like dopey, four-time-loser Tony's? Ha!
"Come on Progressives - let your voice be heard in this top race!"

You must be joking? Who are the owners of these "voices"?

"Let-me-run-and-lose-again" Pollina?

David "Bernie-told-me-not-to-run-for-Congress" and "the Democrats-make-me-so-mad" and "politics-is-so-unfair" Zuckerman?

Chris "I-lost-to-a-22-year-old-Democrat-in-my-solidly-Progressive-district" Pearson?

Martha Abbott? Martha who?
Go Douglas!!!!
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