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Markowitz tells her competitors -- Match this!

Deb Markowitz, presumably a candidate for governor in 2010, released how much money she had amassed for this effort on the day before the filing deadline -- a challenge to her would-be opponents.

Her total -- more than $190,000, she said, with 90 percent from Vermont and Vermonters. In all, more than 1,000 folks have lined up behind Markowitz, a Democrat from Montpelier who currently serves as secretary of state.

Markowitz started before the rest of the field of potential Democratic candidates, so it is hardly surprising if she ends up with more money when all the reports are filed. The other folks who have said they are in the race are Sen. Doug Racine, D-Chittenden, and Sen. Susan Bartlett, D-Lamoille. Racine has been busy since the legislative session wrapped up, while Bartlett went public only a few weeks ago.

Obviously a head start in raising money and securing supporters is important. Time will tell if Markowitz's presumed advantage now sticks. Sometimes a leader steps out of the pack and runs away with the race and sometimes a leader is only a rabbit who loses momentum on the steeps because everyone else held back until it counted.

Markowitz argues in her announcement about her funding -- "This early success is a demonstration of a true movement for real change and new leadership for Vermont."

How important do you think the money tallies are in July 2009, 16 months before the election?

-- Nancy Remsen

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Wow! an impressive start for Markowitz. She has been working hard.
Please - not Markowitz!
I sincerely hope that this is going to be about more than fundraising
"real change and new leadership for Vermont"?

No disrespect to Deb, but I don't think she would represent "change" for Vermont. I think she cut out of the same ultraleftist, quasi-Prog mold as Shumlin, Symington, Smith and all the other Democratic "leaders" of this state.

And howabout we use the word "people" instead of "folks"?
The 1,000 people who've donated to Deb's pre-campaign are people, donors, activists, etc., not "folks." And neither Doug Racine nor Susan Bartlett are "folks," either. They're people or politicans, whatever you prefer, but not "folks."
Considering the way she runs the Sec. of State's office, combined with that horrible State website, I can only imagine the disaster we'd have with Debby Dolittle in the Governor's office.
So we have all these ultra liberal Democrats wetting themselves to get in the race. That should tell us a lot about the socialist political climate dominating the state level politics in this economic backwater. They'll have come up with new ways to spend more money on new programs without any way to pay for it.
Racine for Governor.
Jim Condos for Sec of State!
We can do better than that.
Condos has the local government experience, and previous state legislative experience.

Condos has always risen to leadership positions.

Condos has led the fight for transparency in government.

Condos would be a great Sec of State.
"Folks" is Montpelierese for people. Has been since Dick Snelling's day and beyond.
Looks like Markowitz is a better campaigner than these others.
Fund-raising is not campaigning. Campaigning relates to issues,and hopefully the election will be decided on these.
Condos for sale!
Fundraising is largely about demonizing your opponent.

Oops! That's campaigning, too! Sorry.
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