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Efficiency at work

The Joint Legislative Government Accountability Committee is meeting today in Montpelier to talk about what efficiencies can be found in state government. They face the task of finding $30 million under state couch cushions, so to speak.

They started off with an efficiency of their own. Sen. Jeanette White, D-Windham, asked the rest of the panel members if they minded whether she knitted through the meeting. They voted to allow her to knit away.

If nothing else comes of the discussion, there will at least be a knitted product of some kind.

- Terri Hallenbeck

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Perhaps Jim Douglas could create an office of PR with 2-3 staffers designed to PR all of state governemnt - they would replace the 14 or so that he has inserted throughout state government.

This should save the state about $500-700,000!
It would have been more efficient for Sen. White and anyone else with more than a 45 minute drive to have participated via speakerphone or webcam.
I predict that the legislative "leadership" will find fake savings of $30 million so they can avoid laying off a single additional state worker, er, I mean state-employees-union-democratic-constituent-member.
How about cutting upper management and not frontline workers who actually serve Vermonters?

When Douglas enacted the reorg of teh Agency of Human Services - he actually increased the number of middle and senior managers.
How arrogant of the Douglas administration to "hand pick" the state workers to include on the Tiger Teams.

If he had any brains, he should have gone to the union and asked them to join him in his "tiger teams" and to try and work together.

Unfortunately, this just cements the idea that Douglas is out to destroy the union and to put working Vermonters out of work!
Stop bashing Douglas and come up with solutions
The union is doing a pretty good job of destroying itself without the Governor's help.
Knitting - are you kidding me?
"Unfortunately, this just cements the idea that Douglas is out to destroy the union and to put working Vermonters out of work!"

Heaven forbid we should ask the question of whether we actually need these state employees.

The state is not an employment service. Get a job.
How happy are union members with their union? Lets hear from them.
Gee, maybe this might partly explain why we're in the pickle we're in -- because we elect the quality of legislators who show up in Montpelier and literally do knitting.
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