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Is this healthy enough?

Health care changes are moving along _ if not smoothly _ in Washington.

Today, a deal with the hospitals.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The nation’s hospitals will give up $155 billion in
future Medicare and Medicaid payments to help defray the cost of President
Barack Obama’s health care plan, a concession the White House hopes will boost
an overhaul effort that’s hit a roadblock in Congress.

Vice President Joe Biden announced the deal at the
White House on Wednesday, with administration officials and hospital
administrators at his side.

Tomorrow, former Gov. Howard Dean will hold a telephonic press conference to urge Vermonters to back what's going on in Washington.

Should they?

- Terri Hallenbeck

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Seriously? Is "telephonic" really the best you can do?


Of course Vermonters should be tuned into what's happening with health care in Washington, although I'd say our delegation is already more focused on the issue than most in Congress.
Really you think then way have they not included all past, present and future govenrnment employees in this plan. Why have they opted out
Howard, I will support it, as long as you are in line in front of me to sign up for it. Health care reform. An oxymoron for higher expense, and rationed care.
Rep John Fleming (R-LA) has the right idea with his proposed bill- Any Legislator who votes for a health care bill should opt out of their own health care plan (the premium Gov't plan) and join the new bill designed for "common folk."
Perhaps Fleming would be willing to give up his government taxpayer funded medical plan until every "common person" in America has health coverage.
What's your point? Why would he unilaterally give up his insurance?
What is happening in Washington? It seems to change everyday and I expect it will get worse before it gets better. Fleshing out policy means picking winners and losers. That's when you see the skid marks on the road to reform!
Does anyone care what Dean says? I used to be a fan, when he was the fiscally responsible Governor, not the screaming nut.
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