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Racine and Markowitz are building their bases

Interesting this period so early in potential campaigns when candidates and their supporters are busy, but most of us are focused on summer and seeing the sun.

Last week, Doug Racine, Democratic state senator with his eye on the state's top job, sent out an email from three lawmakers declaring their support for him because of his support for them and issues they consider important -- not the least of which was enactment of the gay marriage law. At Racine's Web site you can also see proclamations of support from some notables -- such as former Gov. Phil Hoff.

Over at Deb Markowitz' Web site you can see a different kind of list under her "We're for Deb" label. It's a list of people by county. Markowitz, the state's Democratic secretary of state, also is considering a run for governor.

Different strategies. Get some big names and hope that's persuasive when it comes time to rally the troops in a primary or get lots of names and hope that builds momentum.

Susan Bartlett, another Democratic state senator, also has gubernatorial aspirations, but doesn't yet have a Web site that I could find. Wonder what her strategy is?

What will be the most effective way to win the behind-the-scenes game and how important is that to a primary victory?

-- Nancy Remsen

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Doug Racine has the best opportunity and frankly is the best prepared to lead Vermont forward!
Can't imagaine any of these people not losing in a landslide.
NO Markowitz !! No Markowitz !!!!
Frightening to see the number of people jump on the Markowitz bandwagon. Just because she's a D and a woman? Look a little deeper, people!
Yeah, Deb's smart but unprepared & her statements, web site & emails are lame. No issues discussed, just vote for me! vote for me! Look how many people will vote for me!

Doug says, "look how many famous people will vote for me!" At least he's trying to build an organization that can respond to issues.

What's Bartlett doing? Beats me, but if she's thinking and preparing to come out with something intelligent to say, then it will be worth the wait.
Bartlett who?
Racine for Governor - he is the one.
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