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Vermont at fault for Sanford's slips??

Can it be true that Jenny Sanford -- whose governor husband found a soul mate in Argentina -- issued a statement today blaming passage of gay marriage laws for destroying the sanctity of marriage and her marriage in particular?

Read it here.

Whatever you might think about Vermont's decision on gay marriage, isn't this a bit of a stretch if it's true?

UPDATE: Apparently the item is a parody. Hard to tell these days when the truth is so unbelievable.

-- Nancy Remsen

A bit? What is the matter with these people. Last I heard he cheated on her with a woman. Did I miss something?
Woopsie... check the bottom of the site. It's a parody. A good one, to be sure, but a parody nonetheless.

Easy mistake to make. Probably done it myself more times than I'm even aware of.
Can't blame you, Nancy. It's a testament to how ridiculous and extreme the right has become. Sounded perfectly plausible to me as something the right would say these days.
Let me get this right: Believing a parody about conservatives means it's okay to pass it off as news?
Parody, eh?

After palin's latest song and dance routine, how can ya tell?
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