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Mr. Douglas goes to Washington

Here's the governor's schedule for the day from D.C. as he talks health care (and stimulus money with Biden):

8am - Breakfast with Rep.Welch
9am - Minority Leader Boehner/House GOP Conference
10:15 - Speaker Pelosi
12:30 - VP Biden
1 - Sec. Sebelius, Larry Summers, Valerie Jarrett, Nancy-Ann DeParle
2 - President Obama

He indicated yesterday he would be meeting with Welch, with whom he worked on creating Vermont's Catamount Health Plan and who is now on a committee crafting the federal health care legislation. But you'll note that he's not going anywhere near Sen. Bernie Sanders, who is on a committee crafting the health care bill in the Senate. Safe to say their ideas about who should run health care are oceans apart while his and Welch's ideas are a mere stream apart.

Anybody care to weigh in on how likely this attempt at health care reform is to succeed?

- Terri Hallenbeck

God forbid that Douglas have a meeting with someone that he doesn't agree with.
Douglas does not represent Vermonter's views on healthcare.
Douglas should get one of those early retirement letters he is sending out to state employees - surely he is eligible - he has worked his entire adult life for the state.
More likely in the House than in the Senate, thats for sure. The Baucus legislation is the one to be looking at as a compromise, although who knows if it will include anything the Dems think is real reform in terms of a public option. Dodd's bill is getting heated in committee and might come to a screetching halt sometime soon.
Yes we can meets no we can't....I don't believe he represents Vermont well on a national stage...He certainly does not represent my views...
Maybe Douglas will have to field questions about Gov. Sanford's latest declaration. First Ensign and now Sanford. Guess you can't keep claiming the moral high ground now can you GOP wonks?
That's an impressive schedule for anyone, let alone the Governor of such a small state. Vermonters should feel fortunate to have such a powerful cadre of voices in Douglas, Welch, Leahy and even Sanders.
Wait a minute - that's unfair to put Douglas in teat group.

At least Welch, Sanders, and Leahy have accomplished much for Vermonters in ther careers!

WTF has Douglas ever done for Vermonters?

Except to raise the level partisan bickering to new levels!
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha "Sanders...[has] accomplished much for Vermonters" ha ha ha ha ha ha ha... ha.
Sanders has been a leader on Veterans Rights and benefits - something GWB can't even claim - GWB tried to cut those benefits.
Gops always do.

Beyond their value as props in photo ops, gops don't give a damn about the Troops.
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