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Fairpoint faux pas

The news about Fairpoint's situation is getting darker all the time, with even state Public Services Commissioner Dave O'Brien acknowledging bankrupcty could be coming down the road for the landline telephone service provider.

Errr, hello? Right now, you can't even get through to the darn company to purchase telephone services. Alert BFP reader Jeff Hill just informed me that if you dial FP's residential service toll-free number, you get a recording telling you the number can't be connected and try again later.

I checked it out and he's right. The message from the mechanized operator voice on the other end of the line went like this: "We're sorry. You're long distance call cannot be completed as dialed. Please try your call again later or call your carrier for assistance."

But how do you do that when Fairpoint IS your carrier?

-- Sam Hemingway

Sam, I can at least clear up the issue on the recording at Fairpoint. Verizon Business, a portion of Verizon that was not sold and still serves large commercial customers, had a break in one of their fiber rings. As a result Fairpoint's long distance was affected. I understand Verizon Business is working to repair the break.

Yes the circumstances regarding Fairpoint have been a tremendous disapointment and a hardship for many individuals and businesses. My team is working very hard to respond to consumer complaints, tracking Fairpoint's progress, and in the case there is a bankruptcy, we will represent the state interest there.

We are committed to seeing service return to normal levels, and we will use all means at our disposal to do so.
It looks like the Governor and the DPS should have listened to Sen Illuzzi -

Looks like the Governor and DPS should have listened to the Union -

Both were right!

Illuzzi actually wrote a detailed letter to the DPS and PSB explaining that this would happen - more than 2 years ago!
And the doogie debacle's downslide rolls on into the darkness.

Too bad he's taking Vermont with him.
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