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Ed Flanagan is running for lieutenant governor

Sen. Ed Flanagan, D-Chittenden, has made it official -- he's not just thinking of running for lieutenant governor, he's running.

He said in a telephone interview that he plans a statewide tour next week -- then he'll do his campaigning behind the scenes until after the 2010 legislative session.

Why is he running? "Because I think the office isn't being used to promote economic recovery and to reach out to working Vermonters."

Nothing against Republican Lt. Gov. Brian Dubie as a person, Flanagan added. "We get along very well, but I don't think he has used the office as it could potentially be used."

Flanagan said his eight years as state auditor and five in the state senate give him a good mix of skills for the office of lieutenant governor -- a job that has one foot in the legislature and another in the executive branch.

Flanagan was seriously injured in a car accident in 2005 and rarely sits long in the Senate chamber or committees, presumably because of discomfort. Still, Wednesday, he declared, "I'm totally recovered. I feel perfectly fine."

Dubie has deflected speculation about his political plans, saying it's too early to talk about the November 2010 election.

House Democratic Leader Floyd Nease of Johnson has said he is considering a run for the office. He couldn't be reached Wednesday to find out if he has made up his mind yet.

If Nease is in, then he and Flanagan will face off in a primary about 15 months from now.

So why did Flanagan announce so early? "I just wanted to get out there and let everyone know what I'm doing."

-- Nancy Remsen

I hope the Free Press takes a serious look at just how fit for office Senator Flanagan is. To say that he can't sit still for long because of discomfort is more than generous.

The public deserve to read about how Senator Flanagan really behaves in the statehouse - wandering around barefoot, crawling under tables - this list goes on. He has serious problems that make him medically unfit to serve.

Let me be clear - I can't stand Floyd Nease and I would much rather vote for someone like Flanagan - but I would vote for Nease over Flanagan on the simple basis that Nease is fit for office and Flanagan is not. Flanagan's friends need to get him to step aside.
To Anonymous 8:37... or should I say to Rob Roper... or should I say to Dennise Casey!

The only thing clear is that you are on the inside of the Governor's staff or Vt GOP!
I'm a Dem and I'd never vote for the guy. I'd rather vote for Costello or Floyd...

Bring back John Tracy, he'd be a great candidate.
The guy is not qualified to hold office. Period. Defending him purely out of sympathy is idiotic.
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