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Statehouse timing

The same-sex marriage bill flew down the hall from the Senate to the governor's office with lightning quickness today.

Why the hurry? Two reasons.

First, those on both sides of the issue are eager to move on to other things. Though the word "distraction" is loaded, there's no question this issue has dominated a fair number of people's time and attention.

Also, proponents of the bill are sensitive to the calendar. With Good Friday and Easter nearly upon us, they don't need to give their church-going colleagues any more reminders of some of those churches' opposition.

So here's the timetable:

- 9 a.m. Tuesday: Senate convenes; votes on override. Expected to pass.
- 10 a.m. Tuesday: House convenes; votes on override. Outcome uncertain.

The time is not exact, mind you. There are other issues on the calendars. If the wrong people are late to the Statehouse, things could change.

- Terri Hallenbeck

Pollina for Governor in 2010
Yes - bring it on!!!
This all worked out just as the Douglas team had planned. The magic continues.
Voters do need a third choice.
Pollina is done!
It's all about him - his ego is too big.
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