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Dean, Stewart and Vt. politics

In case you missed it this weekend, Howard Dean and Jon Stewart both weighed in on same-sex marriage.

I was away for the weekend, but our man Joel Banner Baird was there. You can read about Dean HERE and Stewart HERE.

Going into the weekend, the Vermont Republican Party was making some hay out of the fact that legislative leaders such as Peter Shumlin were critical of Jim Douglas for his stance on same-sex marriage (calling him a coward), but gave President Barack Obama and Curtis Award keynote speaker Sen. Claire McCaskill a pass for having similar stances.

Were there any awkward moments with McCaskill when same-sex marriage came up? Does the GOP have a point?

- Terri Hallenbeck

Claire McCaskill isn't the governor of Vermont.

Jim Douglas is. He is the one person who is blocking equal marriage in Vermont.

McCaskill isn't doing that. Obama isn't doing that. Douglas is doing that.

The GOP is looking for distractions from the issue.

The issue is that all Vermont families should be treated equally.
This debate is about what Vermont's laws should be.

Vermont law isn't set by Senators from Missouri.

All Vermont Families should have equal treatment under the law.
The issue is that the view is only wrong if a Republican holds it, but A-OK if a Democrat has it (Pres. Obama anyone?).
This isn't a partisan issue.

Many Republicans favor equality for all.

Many Democrats don't.

Everyone should support it. All families should be treated equally under the law.

Jim Douglas is blocking the legislation now. That's wrong.

We need third party representation!
Pollina is done!

But I know his ego won't tell him that!
The only thing Pollina has ever accomplished is to get dubie elected and douglas reelected.
Any other candidate but Pollina would consider 21% a miserable, career-ending showing.

In PollinaLand, that's a huge victory.
Pollina for Governor in 2010.
Howard Dean signed civil unions quietly and he was not an overjoyed proponent.
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