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Crowd: 'Thank you, Jim'

A crowd of same-sex marriage opponents gathered outside the governor's Statehouse office as he was beginning his news conference this afternoon and chanted, "Thank you, Jim."

Of the perhaps 100 or so who converged, about 20 were allowed into the office. A few murmured comments of support for the governor as he talked about the importance of the budget and economy.

Thank you, Jim, of course, is a borrowed phrase. Rep. Heidi Scheuermann, a Republican from Stowe, was walking down memory lane over its creation when she was on Sen. Jim Jeffords' staff. Thanks, Jim was a campaign phrase, then when he switched out of the Republican Party, those who were happy about that produced bumper stickers saying Thanks, Jim.
- Terri Hallenbeck

Thanks for nothing Jim!
Yeah, thanks a lot Jim. Without you,this bill, passed overwhelmingly by the people's representatives, would be law. Instead, you took comfort with those preaching division, bigotry, hatred and closed mindedness. No, no thank you, Jim. You are a sad disappointment.
They were also chanting "remember in November 2010". Now let's see if their memory is partisan.

Thank you to all who voted for equality but a special thanks to the 5 Republicans that not only took a stand for justice but also against the leader of their party.
Can't we just move on.
Unfortunately, politics will now enter the picture - the word out of the House GOP caucus is that those who wanted were allowed to vote for the bill's passage BUT will now be arm twisted to vote to support the Governor's veto - the ultimate hypocrisy and nothing but politics.
Yeah - thanks Jim - for making VT less safe and blaming the economy for it.
Even if you disagree you should show respect.
You probably said that about George Bush Too!
The amount of money spent on gay marriage TV ads and newspaper ads is huge - that money could not have come from Vermont.
"The amount of money spent on gay marriage TV ads and newspaper ads is huge - that money could not have come from Vermont."

Neither does Jim Douglas' campaign money so what's your point?
Don't pretend it is all about Vermonters.
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