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Leahy's moneygoround

With just a little more than 24 hours before the books close on first-quarter fundraising for U.S. House and Senate candidates, the re-election campaign of Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., is apparently banking on the "truth" for some extra campaign cash.

In an e-mail appeal sent out to supporters today, the Leahy campaign used Leahy's call for a "truth commission" to investigate the goings of the departed Bush administration as an incentive for donors to send some money Leahy's way.

Attached to the top of the e-mail is this note: "Tomorrow's end-of-quarter fundraising report will be used to gauge the level of public support for Senator Leahy and his efforts in the Senate. Please contribute today -- and let's make sure we show our support and enthusiasm for Senator Leahy's strong, principled leadership." (Underlined emphasis from Leahy campaign e-mail).

The rest of the e-mail contains a letter from Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, D-R.I., talking about what a good idea the truth commission is and how the idea is gathering support down in Capitol Land, including a Pat on the back from the editorial pages of the Washington Post.

"It's critical that we understand all that went wrong over the past 8 years of the Bush-Cheney Administration so we can be sure it never happens again. And there's one Senator who's leading the charge in that fight: Patrick Leahy." Whitehouse wrote.

Hey, all's fair and politics and war. But does the idea of using the truth commission initiative to score campaign cash seem a tad unseemly to you, or no?

FYI: Leahy already had $1,218,785 in his campaign account at the end of 2008, with no Republican opponent yet on the horizon for 2010.

-- Sam Hemingway

Too bad St Patrick does not have the guts to challenge Obama's continuation of Bush's War policies.

It shows that Leahy is a chicken-hawk, and nothing more than a partisan hack. Leahy and Dems had no interest in pursuing investigations or impeachment before the Savior Obama came around, now St. Patrick would rather pursue with his media circus and perform a meaningless inquiry instead of ending the two wars.
Hey he had to put up with Cheney flipping him the bird!
With Leahy's investigative prowness too bad he can't investigate what went wrong with the banking fiasco- could it be that it wasn't all Bush's fault and he doesn't have time to check up on his buddies, Chris and Barney!!!
When Leahy is done with the banking he can investigate the AIG flap. He should tell us why he and the other 173 attorneys elected to the House and Senate would tell their associates, along with themselves, to just sign the bailout bills and to read them later. They signed an agreement that allowed bonuses and then were in horror when they were paid. The height of hypocracy!
Keep dreaming, nekkie boy.

It was Bush's mess from start to finish. It still is.
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