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No love lost between Douglas, VSEA

By the time this is over, I suspect the Vermont State Employees Association and the Douglas administration will come to some agreement on contract concessions/layoffs. Things didn't look good, though, Tuesday.

On the Statehouse steps, union leaders pretty much called for Gov, Jim Douglas' ouster, though their opinion on that matter has not prevailed in the past.

Then, as you can read HERE, the governor went out of his way to avoid walking by the union members, as he walked from his Statehouse office to the his Pavilion office next door.

- Terri Hallenbeck

It is clear to me that Governor Douglas has no respect for the people his decisions effect. BFP may of disagreed with me when I said he intentionally dodged a public interview regarding same sex marriage after his "announcement" to veto the bill...

I'm telling you, our Governor is a coward...
Douglas is a wimp - Like George Bush he wants everything scripted to be nice so he looks good.

He hates to be confronted on anything.

Just looked what happened when the Press pushed him on the Bennington State Office Building 2 years ago - he went into meltdown.
Terri, Gov. Douglas does not want to negotiate in good faith with VSEA. It is clear that the Legislature supports State employees, and it will take all of the Legislature's muscle to stop hundreds of needless layoffs of State employees which would irreparable damage State government and the Vermont economy.
Apparently the VSEA, and it's members, think the state government exists solely for their benefit.

Taxpayers should be grateful for the chance to pay near-confiscatory taxes to support this personal playground.
Apparently. Jim Douglas is personally resposible for over 40% of the growth he's so upset about. Hasn't that growth occurred on his watch? He doesn't want to let his paid friends go though.
VSEA, Crybabies, Inc. Remember this is the same group that divided the left in the last election. It is time for the Democrats to tell VSEA either come into the fold or face the music. The major problem in Montpelier is that there is no Democrat willing to crack the whip. Whimpy, whimpy!!
There's no h in whimpy. Only wimpy people don't know it.
I know it is tough for people who have to be laid off but the VSEA television ads make me want to throw up. Any empathy I had is now gone!
I could see where your empathy for the governor would be lost after viewing those powerful VSEA ads. The ads really shine a light on the governor's anti-stimulus plan. His stupidity is making a lot of people throw up, not only you.
It's Governor Douglas who thinks the government exists for his benefit, and his friends. His people make $20k more than average working state employeers. He's hired 30% more managers vs. 7% actual working state employees and pays them 89% higher wages.

About that election, the voters divided the election, VSEA supported one candidate. There are three major political parties in Vermont now, last time I checked VSEA was not one of them.
The VSEA makes me want to throw up - not Jim Douglas.
You live in bizzaro-world if you've convinced yourself that there are three major parties in Vermont. What statewide office has the third party won? Oh, that's right, not one. Ever. How many percentage points has Tony won in his three attempts at statewide office as a Prog? Oh, that's right, never over 30% and this last time he was down to 22.

Yeah, that three major party thing is comin' along great.

Is that herb really for medicinal purposes, pal?
Anonymous said: "He's hired 30% more managers vs. 7% actual working state employees and pays them 89% higher wages."

If you think managers don't work, walk through a state office at say, 2 p.m. on a sunny Friday afternoon in the spring, summer, or fall.

The only people you'll find are probably managers, who have to get their work done because they can be fired if they don't.
The only thing Pollina has ever accomplished politically is to doom Vermont to the Douglas Debacle.

That said, Douglas remains the biggest problem facing Vermont. Douglas must go.
Pollina for Governor in 2010.
Get rid of the VSEA!
We need pollina to stand up for a third party!
Is Shumlin going to try to beat out Markowitz now - good luck with that!
If the VSEA wants to be saved they had better start talking to Anthony Pollina - he is the only one who cares about them.
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