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Same-sex marriage opponents rally outside the Statehouse

At least 175 people assembled on the steps outside the Statehouse just now for a rally against the same-sex marriage bill the House will debate later today.

Organizers passed out the stickers that will compete for attention in the Statehouse with the yellow circles worn by same-sex marriage supporters. Two rectangular stickers proclaim “Marriage, a mother and father for every child” and “Don’t change God’s plan, one man and one woman.”

Steve Cable of Vermont Renewal led off the rally. “Today is going to be an historic day, no matter what happens.” He complained that lawmakers had rushed the bill through the review process. “Fundamental questions haven’t been answered,” he said.

He noted that in 2000 after the Legislature enacted the civil union law and some lawmakers lost their seats in the subsequent election, many Vermonters went back to their regular lives.

After this vote, Cable said, “We can’t stop.”

Rev. Craig Bensen took the microphone next. He told the crowd that the supporters of same-sex marriage had clearly spent a bundle on their campaign. “Whatever their figure is, it will be at least 20-to-1 what we have been able to put into the battle.”

Bensen, whose group Take it to the People advocated a referendum nine years ago when this debate began, renewed that call Thursday.

“Let Vermont vote,” he called and the crowd answered with the same words.

-- Nancy Remsen

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Let the voters decide
Why don't we let the voters decide on every individual marriage?

We'll vote on every single one.

If a couple seems fertile, sane, well matched, age appropriate, well balanced ... the voters will vote yes.

If the couple is infertile or incompatible in any way, the voters will vote no.

It's the only way to be sure that a majority agrees with every marriage.
Let the voters decide - it is the fairest way to end this.
The voters decide and the courts overturn.

I'm all for same sex marrage as I am for marrying my goat. My goat is a male and so am I. Where do I get the certificate. I want my goat to be able to visit me in the hospital when I am sick and I want him to inherit what I have when I die. I love my goat.
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