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Live coverage: Douglas on same-sex marriage

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He has the opportunity to do a lot of good for a small minority -- at no cost to the majority.

But he won't take it??
Plain and Simple - Douglas is afraid of his conservative base!
Jim Douglas lacks vision and leadership!
Ya gotta love it. Same-sex marriage is a distraction but the threat of a veto if the House doesn't pass it with at least 100 votes isn't.

Douglas is the problem.
If he has a position he has the right to stand by it. I support gay marriage but it is his right to disagree.
Terri and Nancy...

The House GOP held a secret caucus in the last couple of days - where Douglas made clear that he would veto the bill as he tried to shore up GOP votes to sustain his veto.

The word is that people like Patti Komline who says she will vote for the bill will then be able to vote to sustain the veto.

Hypocrisy at its best.
Jim Douglas says this is not a partisan issue - then why is he convincing his House GOP to sustain his veto when it comes up.
Douglas the discriminator!!!
"Jim Douglas says this is not a partisan issue - then why is he convincing his House GOP to sustain his veto when it comes up."

Is it only the Governor who is being political? Why did the House Speaker announce several weeks ago, before the Senate Judiciary Committee even voted to recommend the bill to the full Senate and before the House debate had even started, that the Legislature would pass a gay marriage bill?

THAT'S not partisan politics???

John Campbell using this issue as a platform for his future statewide political ambitions?

THAT'S not partisan politics?

Geez, open your eyes and grow up.
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