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Governor changes topic

Gov. Jim Douglas will not hold his previously scheduled Statehouse news conference today, but instead will go to Williston and unveil his new economic stimulus plan at MicroStrain Inc.

The money will be used to support existing companies and invest in new companies looking to grow or locate here in Vermont, according to the governor's office.

- Terri Hallenbeck

How well did his last "economic stimulus plan" work?

And why is he introducing a new "stimulus plan" in the last 6 weeks of the legislative session??

If he really wanted this plan taken seriously, wouldn't he have brought it out earlier so that the legislature had more time to work on its passage??
Douglas is afraid of this issue and he desperately wants to change the subject!
Duck and cover Jimmy Boy. You can't hide forever.
The word encourage will likely be used a lot...
No, that should read "Governor tries to change subject".

Why do you continually let him off the hook and just report what he tells you to report?

Why does he need all his spin doctors if he's got you?

If Douglas wants to reduce the size of state government, he can start with his PR staff, he can start there.
Studies show that married people are, on average, slightly happier, healthier, and wealthier than their single counterparts. Therefore, it is in the state's best economic interest to allow for marriage equality. And thus, the governor's intention of vetoing this bill based on the notion that the state should only be working on economic issues is hypocritical.
People love to be critics - but working in government is very hard.
That shows you once again that the interests of Vermont are the last thing Douglas and the opponents of same-sex marriage are concerned with.
Boy, "Fritz" is one bitter, angry, biased, hateful person.
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