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An unexpected turn of events

Today is a busy day at the Statehouse, with lots of topics vying for top billing: sex offender bill on the House floor, Chief Justice Paul Reiber addressing the full Legislature, budget adjustment bill on the House floor, the governor's weekly press conference, judicial retention hearing.

One event that was expected to take a lower profile was the joint assembly to elect the sergeant-at-arms, the adjutant general and three legislators to the University of Vermont Board of Trustees. The sgt-at-arms and adjutant general were both unopposed for re-election. Four legislators were seeking three spots on the UVM board.

That election took an interesting twist, however, with a tie vote tying up the works. Last I knew they were calling in the Florida Board of Elections to oversee the recount.

By the way, at the governor's press conference today, Gov. Jim Douglas stood side by side with Treasurer Jeb Spaulding to celebrate Moody's decision to grant Vermont a top-notch AAA bond rating. What are the chances, do you think, that Douglas would have invited Spaulding in if Spaulding were still a potential gubernatorial candidate for 2010?

And the governor, who hadn't clarified whether he's running in 2010, said Thursday he is indeed running for re-election - as moderator of the Middlebury town meeting.

- Terri Hallenbeck

Nate Freeman for Governor. Check out Green Mountain Daily!
Martha Abbott for Governor!
Very surprised to see so little coverage of the unusual appearance by Chief Justice Paul Reiber before the legislature .Only the AP article.Kind of short on coverage of an important state event.
BP: No need to diss AP. I wish the article had received more play and had planned to write the story myself but I came down sick that afternoon and so it didn't happen. I expect we will come back at it.

- TH
Oh, yeah - go Martha Abbott.
"Nate Freeman for Governor.

Martha Abbott for Governor!"

Oh, please! Get real.

Don't forget Ralph Nader for Prez.
She is better than Pollina and is a waste running for Auditor.
Racine for Governor
Jeb Spaulding thinks he can sit this one out and wait for 2012 - how chicken**** is that!
He only wants it if it is handed to him!!!
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