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Republican mulling secretary of state run

Chris Roy, a lawyer from Williston, announced this morning he's exploring a run for secretary of state in 2010 as a Republican. He said he has formed an exploratory committee.

If it seems early to be starting a campaign for secretary of state, Roy is apparently reading the tea leaves. The seat, held these last 10 years by Democrat Deb Markowitz, could be lacking an incumbent, as Markowitz is exploring a run for governor.

Roy, 44, an a native of Barre, is a partner with the law firm Down Rachlin Martin. He serves on the Williston Selectboard.
In his announcement, Roy said he prides himself on working cooperatively, but he said little about what he would do as secretary of state. "At this time, Vermonters are looking for fresh voices and new leadership in Montpelier," he said.
- Terri Hallenbeck

Chris Roy is an ultra conservative - this would be very bad for VT!
i hear former senator jim condos is considering a run - he has a long background with local government and as a state senator chairing the committee responsible for most of the sec of state and he is from chittenden county as well
Condos - bought and paid for by the NEA.
Why do you say he is ultra conservative?
Condos for Secty of State if Markowitz decides to leave.
Condos isn't even in vermont anyore is he?
Condos is just the same ol' same ol' lets have somebody new!
condos works at vermont gas in sburlington - where he has been working for at least 10 yrs
i wonder why chris roy would want to do this - it pays less than
100k and working for drm he must be making twice that.
condos is full of vermont gas
Jim Condos would probably do a good job but he is not only in the pocket of the NEA but the VSEA as well. This could prove to be very costly for him. But that said, anything to get Little Debbie Markowitz out of that building and out of the hair of the town clerks would be refreshing. Who knows -maybe efficiency could hire her as well. Hubby works there as well as john dillons wife -a hot bed for political cronies spouses - but hey that's another subject for another day
"Chris Roy is an ultra conservative - this would be very bad for VT!"

First, how do you define "ultra conservative"? You need to define that term before you go casting it about as a negative. Please name the specific policy positions Chris Roy has taken that would justify you in calling him an "ultraconservative"?

Second, I have known Chris Roy for many years and he is not, by ANY permutation of the definition, an "ultra conservative." He has no religious or moral agenda. He is not anti-government. He certainly questions the prevailing knee-jerk liberal, anti-business political culture in Vermont, but that is not a bad thing and that hardly makes him an "ultra conservative."

Third, what does the Secretary of State's office have to do with liberal vs. conservative? The SOS is not a policy-making job. Please say why Deb's very liberal politics have made any difference in her job? What I appreciate about Deb is that she's competent. Chris would bring exactly the same competence to the job. Political philosophies have nothing to do with the SOS's job. Only brains and competence do. I don't care if the SOS has a liberal or conservative political philosophy as long as they competently execute the responsibilities of SOS.
If you don't think SOS is a political job, I've got two words for you:

Katherine Harris.
Actually I know a lot of Town Clerks and they all really like Deb Markowitz. She works well with people in town governments and they have a lot of respect for her.
Coop- Algore is not President- never was and never will be so GET OVER IT.
Katherine Harris had nothing to do with your illusion. Your problem should be with ACORN but you probably suck up to them.
How about Mark Richie in Minnesota if you want scum!!
"If you don't think SOS is a political job, I've got two words for you: Katherine Harris."

I assume you live in Vermont, not Florida, you retard.

I repeat the question: what does the Secretary of State's office (in Vermont) have to do with liberal vs. conservative?
Wow. Interesting stuff. People who know me will be shocked to discover that I'm an "ultra conservative." As for my Vermonter bona fides, my forebears include the couple whose union is the first recorded marriage in the Lyndon town records. Is that genuine enough?

Wouldn't it be great if Vermont officials focused on doing a good job for all Vermonters, as opposed to engaging in the small-minded label-and-insult game that too often characterizes what passes as political dialogue these days?

If you would like to learn some more facts about me, please feel free to check out www.roy4sos.com. You might be pleasantly surprised at what you learn.
The town clerks have to act like they like Deb - thats how it works but they won't miss her!
The Secretary of State's office was a stepping stone to governor for Douglas. It's how he got his "bipartisan" reputation.
It's a stepping stone for making millions of dollars off of the taypayer's back. It worked for Jim Douglas!
Millions of dollars off of the taxpayers back***what in the world are you talking about. The man and his wife are the most frugal people I've ever encountered in my life so if they have a fat next eggs its because they save save save. It's not taxpayer money unless you are referring to his salary then shame on you. He is our Governor and he should be paid accordingly. He makes less than alot of the Ex dir of the non profits in this state
He makes more than any New England Governor.

Why should the governor of the smallest state get the biggest salary ????

On top of his salary, he takes $15,000 per year from the state for lunch money.

That's frugal ????

Vermont is one of the few states that doesn't provide the governor with an official residence. Thus, his total comp is less.
Get away from the money thing - it is what people do; not just what they make.
Yeah I agree with anonymous 11:46a.

And that's the problem - Gov Douglas does little for me except raise partisan bickering to a new level.
jim condos would make a great secretary of state - he knows local government and respects process.
Why should Dougals make so much money?

$15,000 for lunch money??

He has not done anything.
if he loves it so much, why did he leave it?
Condos - you must be kidding - you are joking, right?
There are alot of Executive Directors of non-profits in Vermont that make alot of money.
Yeah, are they going to take a pay cut? Of course not!
The fact that other people make a lot of money justifies the fact that Douglas is overpaid??

Typical GOP logic.
They should, but you're right, they won't. I challenge every single person working for a non profit to voluntarily take a 5% pay cut who makes over $50,000. I also challenge every person who works in a union administration to do the same. Because in order to save jobs don't you kinda have to step up and show your support YOURSELF!!!
Condos rules!
"Jim Condos would probably do a good job but he is not only in the pocket of the NEA but the VSEA as well."

Yeah, Condos is totally in bed with the union....
This job needs to be filled by a non-partisan, not someone who shilled for mccain in vermont.
Unlike Deb, who openly supported ("shilled for") Obama?

You seem to be completely unable to understand the concept of fairness.

More importantly, though, I repeat: explain how political leanings have anything to do with the functions of SOS?

If you can do the job, great. If you can't, you shouldn't be elected. Whether one is a Republican, or openly a Democrat like Deb, has NOTHING to do with it.
"Just which part of Katherine Harris and Ken Blackwell is givin' your ignorant anonymous ass trouble, little slow up the uptake fella?"

And just which part of the job of VERMONT Secretary of State has that got to do with, moron?

Gee, you're profoundly dumb.
Condos would make a great sec of state - he knows local government, regional government and state government - he has also been a stickler for process since his early days on south burl city council, and chittenden solid waste board.

And he recommended and tried to implement a public records ombudsman who would be the first appeal point rather than the courts.
What are the job requirements for SOS? To maintain the state's records. To oversee elections. To provide legal advice to town clerks. And to oversee the process of regulating the professions the Legislature has assigned to him/her to regulate. Being a lawyer who practices in these areas would certainly be a benefit, but it doesn't matter that the candidate is a Republican any more than it matters that Deb is a Democrat.
Didn't you ever see the signs, "Condos for Sale"?
This is really a management position - does not need a lawyer.

It really is about surrounding yourself with competent people.

Jim Douglas is not a lawyer and was Sec of State for 10-12 years.
Everybody knows that!
Condos - NO WAY!
"This is really a management position - does not need a lawyer."

I agree. And for the very same reason I reject the screaming that it can't be -- horrors! -- a Republican.

Party labels don't matter for this job.
Right - Roy may be the right man for this job.

So you should run for various statewide offices just for the sake of it?

Howabout she tries what Pollina should have tried a long time ago: first run for state house or state senate and see if you can get elected there, and get some electoral credibility."

Sure, just like richie tarrant, jack macmuffin, clueless mcclaughry, john gropper, bernie rome and a whole slew of gop trash did.

Clearly, at least in your case, clueless-cretin gop-slime hypocrisy knows no bounds.

I hate to keep confusin' ya with the facts, little fella, but nobody said a gop couldn't run for the position of secretary of state, I just said that - given their sordid history - they shouldn't be elected. I still do.

Big difference.
Condos has the experience and common sense!
OK, Jim... now let others speak.nessap
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