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Dean to be honored back home

Howard Dean might not be welcome in the Obama administration, but he is apparently welcome back home in Burlington. Which probably means, welcome back and help us raise some more money.

His friends back here are holding a welcome back party for him Feb. 21 at the Burlington home of Liz & Eric Miller.

The event is billed as a reception honoring Dean and the success of his 50-state strategy as chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

- Terri Hallenbeck

Please just go away.
It's understandable the the Republicans would want Dean to go away.

They are tired of him kicking their asses.
What is he going to do now?
Maybe he can raise money for the Racine campaign!
YES, go Doug.
Dean back home.
Would that be New York?
"They are tired of him kicking their asses."

So were Liz Ready, Dick McCormack, Cheryl Rivers when Dean was Gov. and they were legislators . . .
In the spirit of Obama "transparency" do you think Howie will finally release his secret papers so Vermonters can finally find out what went on behind closed doors for all those years?
Shumlin for Governor? No way

Condos for Secretary of State - no way!
MARTHA ABBOTT FOR SECRETARY OF STATE - she really cares about those issues!
How many times has she run for something and racked up numbers in the single digits?
But she hasn't run for Secretary of State.
So you should run for various statewide offices just for the sake of it?

Howabout she tries what Pollina should have tried a long time ago: first run for state house or state senate and see if you can get elected there, and get some electoral credibility.
Progressives are too good to do that.
That is true - why don't they do that in the name of making "real change"?
Dean, we still love you. You will make a fine president, as soon as you run again.
Because they're better than we are. And smarter. And more noble.

So they are not required to start at the bottom like everyone else.

Geez, you should know that without me having to tell you!

Pollina: runs for Gov. and Lt. Gov. without ever running for lower office.

Zuckerman: attempts to go from state rep. to U.S. Congress.

Martha Abbott: keeps running for auditor but never ran for lower office.
This event is all about people positioning themselves.
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