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Speed of compromise a surprise

Vermont House Speaker Shap Smith, D-Morristown, has been working the phones for the past few days, trying to get other House speakers to join him in a letter to Congress about the pending stimulus package.

He'd said he had called speakers in Maine, Connecticut, Oregon, Rhode Island, New Jersey -- to name a few. He had hoped to have a group letter ready for delivery at 5 p.m. Wednesday.

Then he heard that the U.S. Senate and House had essentially reached agreement on the stimulus package -- just a day after the Senate passed its version.

That was unexpectedly fast. And it short-circuited Smith's effort to try out some speaker muscle.

Now he and others have to delve into the deal to see what it means for Vermont.

No matter what all the details are, Senate President Pro Tempore Peter Shumlin, D-Windham, said, "This is a great deal for Vermont because without it our situation would be so desperate it is unthinkable."

-- Nancy Remsen

Shumlin+desperate= oh, my!
The messiah has delivered! A chicken in every pot, a mule and 40 acres for everyone! Peace in the world! And $13 more in everyone's paycheck (until Jan. when it will be $8)! Bernie the new "Green" Poobah! And the village idiot Leahy still tilting at Karl Rove windmills!
Fumblin lost the real meaning of public service long ago.
I can hardly wait until June when I start getting my stimulus check- all $13 of it and then I can buy that big screen plasma I have been eyeballing- it will only take 60 months to pay for it with my new found fortune!
In the meantime- our legislators get their stimulus at $5000/year.
As for Shumlin, they are all giddy with excitement thinking their problems are all solved in Obamaland. No need to cut programs and/or funding when we have millions rolling in.
$30 million to Pelosi's SF area to "save" the salt marsh harvest mouse. Now THAT'S stimulus, dim-earmark style!
Shumlin....ha, ha, ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
30 million...to save the salt marsh harvest mouse"--no such money allocated! Check the bill.
See the Washington Times story and you will see for yourself that $30 million is allocated for wetlands restoration in the San Fransiosco area. To help save this under appreciated mouse.
Meanwhile- Vermont gets leftover crumbs.
The $30 million mouse conservation story is just another Republican lie:

The Washington Times always prints fabricated stories!!- and The Washington Post is the bible (your above referenced source) and the denial is only mentioned in a blog-you and Coop make a good pair.
What,how much and when is Vermont getting that makes you sooo excited???

So far we get $ for schools, $ for infrastructure that we can't start until spring at soonest, $ for medicaid, more $ for food stamps and more for unemployment benefits. Workers get a whopping $13 week. Looks to me as if entitlements gets $4 for everyone working only getting $1.
Of course Coop is in the entitlement range so no wonder he is excited.
I don't see any economic jump start until late summer. If we let every worker not pay taxes for 6 months we would have seen immediate results.
Obama has to go on the road to sell his stimulus and it isn't working- only the Dumocrats are convinced. If it is sooo good, he shouldn't have to bribe everyone.
It is a fact that Republicans and a few DINOs reduced the amount of money allocated to the states in favor of tax breaks for the wealthy.
Compare the Senate and House versions of the stimulus package and note the individuals who advocated for and got the changes. Facts are facts.
Shumlins group created this desperation and now are going to get bailed out by the federal government - they are pathetic!
Dean balanced the budget. Douglas did not.
Get rid of Shumlin!
"Dean balanced the budget. Douglas did not."


1. Dean balanced the budget by publicly lashing out against and humiliating the big spenders of the legislative majority in his own party and threatening to veto their changes to his budget.

2. Like his predecessor, Douglas has submitted a balanced budget to the Legislature every single year of his Governorship. If the Legislature puts it out of balance, you're gonna blame Douglas for that??!!
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Shap better work on his skills.
I think Shap is not naive, and is up to the job of looking out for himself.
He sure doesn't act like it in the statehouse.
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