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Facebook faux pas

Facebook, for the uninitiated, is all the rage as a new way to waste your time away. Everyone I know who's on it isn't quite sure why or whether they even like it, but they are nonetheless compelled.

It's a little like high school, though less traumatizing. Almost everybody's doing it.

Jason Gibbs, the erstwhile spokesman for the governor who now runs the state's parks and forests, is the first person I've heard of who got kicked off Facebook - sent to the principal's office, so to speak.

Gibbs explains that he sent messages to his Facebook friends to encourage them to become "supporters of the state parks." That was a violation of the Facebook's anti-spamming rules, he was told in a message from Facebook, and he was thus suspended from the Facebook world.

Gibbs said he has asked the Facebook people when can he get back on. He's awaiting word.

Meanwhile, his wife has launched a petition drive to restore him to Facebook. There are now 56 members. I signed on. If I'm going to be caught up in that world, he should be too.

- Terri Hallenbeck

Gibbs is as starved for new friends as Douglas is for new ideas or staff people.
typical Douglas Administration hack. Thinks that the rules should not apply to him.
Is it as high school as the VT legislature is? Pardon me. I mean elementary school.
It's as pre-school as the Douglas Administration.
The legislature is SO high School!
Markowitz for Governor
Racine for Lt Governor
No way
Go Deb!
Facebook recently launched a social networking site for politicos: districtfile.com

now trying to get serious...what a joke!
jason gibbs is a pouting - oh my!

he didn't get his way and now he is mad - i'm scared!

and obviously terri, you must be scared too - otherwise why would the media do something to assist one of the most partisan people in state government!

during gibbs tenure as press secretary, all of the media - except for freyne - was afraid of gibbs.
Well, on the bright side, Rupert Mudoch's News Corp. announced a net loss of $6.4 billion in the final quarter of the year, the company's second fiscal quarter, as it wrote down the value of its TV operations, newspapers and information services to the tune of $8.4 billion.

See, there is a God.
Rumor has it that Peter Shumlin is running for Governr.
Racine for Governor!
Doug Racine is the one.
Go Doug!
Racine for Governor
Does Racine have a Facebook page?
Doug Racine for Governor
Deb Markowitz for Lt Gov
Oh, yeah
Racine for Governor
I won't vote for Markowitz for anything.
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