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One down in gov's race

Jeb Spaulding will not be running for governor, he announced this morning.

In an e-mail to staff, Spaulding said:

"After a good deal of consideration, conversation, and introspection, I
have decided to forgo a campaign for Governor in 2010 and instead focus intently
on fulfilling my responsibilities as Vermont's State Treasurer.

I thought you might like to know this before the word gets around.Many of
you know how enthusiastic I am about serving as State Treasurer with all of
you. In these difficult economic times, the job is especially challenging
and rewarding.

I can serve Vermonters best at this time by paying close attention to the
financial affairs of our State with as few distractions as possible. I look
forward to working together."

What's your best guess: Did Spaulding find himself already behind others in the race for supporters? Did he look at the economy and say now's not the time to beat an incumbent? Did he decide he just didn't want to do the campaign?

- Terri Hallenbeck

He realized that Douglas is running again and that he'd have a slim chance of beating Douglas after a brutal primary.
I suspect this biggest reason for this decision is that it wouldn't be fun to run or be governor in these depressing times.

He looked inside himself and found he did not have the fire to do it this time, or maybe ever.
Damn. Jeb promised me I could be official beard groomer to the governor.

His beard was popular - before electricity.
For a dimocrat Jeb seemed to be pretty reasonable at times. That alone would have sunk him within his party.
Yea, his party "sunk him" by nominating him for statewide office 3 times and to the State Senate for a decade before that!
Maybe he actually thinks he can do the greatest good for Vermont right where he is.
He's a smart guy. He knows that when the Governor decides to step down, he'll have the best chance of taking the seat. Until then, he'll let the rest of the Dems fight amongst themselves, none of who have a chance in hell of beating Douglas.
Don't count your chickens before they hatch....

Cracks are appearing in DOuglas' shell.

Read the editorials from the Free Press, Rutland Herald, and Times Argus over the last month and half.

Douglas has never had a vision or leadership - he prefers to just do things from a crisis.

DOL Commissioner Powden recently said that they knew the Unemployment Fund was in trouble but did nothing because it had a big surplus. Thus they waited until it was in crisis before stating the obvious.
Too bad. Now Doug "el ego" Racine can get his butt pounded again by Jimmy Sissorhands.

Little Debbie MarkOOtwit - No chance.
Spaulding may be a realist; however, his problem now is that this next election is the one the Ds will win. He will be too long in the tooth and beard before the next opportunity presents itself. The good news is Jeb does a good job in his current job so lets just keep him there.
Spaulding is very close with the Douglas group - he was not going to take them on. Racine is another thing - he can beat Douglas.
Go Deb!
Racine can beat Douglas?! What kind of fantasy world are you living in?!!!
What about John Campbell
NO way!
Maybe he's telling the truth, terri
Go Doug Racine!
Racine for Governor.
Racine is the better candidate!
Going for gov. would put Spaulding under too much scrutiny. He has it great where he is and nobody ever challenges him on anything. Treasurer is the easiest job he has ever had and he gets to act self-sacrificing about it. What a faker.
post 2:28 is right on!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maybe Little Deb thinks she can get a shark campaign manager and attack her way into the Governors seat?
Forget about it - Racine is the one.
Racine - yes.
Doug Racine for Governor in 2010
Spaulding is a faker
so is Racine!
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