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Let's try this again

Some of you have misintepreted what I said about blog control and jumped to the conclusion that we're not going to do anything to change the system.

I was merely giving you an update, telling you the factors going into our thinking. It's not going to change today because it takes time for the web people to make it happen and because we have other things to do. But no one is more eager to block JW than we are.

- Terri Hallenbeck

great news, thanks Terri!
Thanks Terri!
Thank YOU!
Anonymous said...

"We already dis Coop"

Sure, ya do, little nameless-nitwit fella. Sure, ya do.

Let me get this straight, Terri, you've got no problem with anonymous trash posting my name and number and trashing my wife and kids all over the place, but you've got a problem with me calling these clueless cretins on their nonsense and the fact that they've got no factual support for their delusional dreck.

Interesting priorities ya got there.

Tell ya what, Terri. If you've got evidence of me posting the name, address and phone, repeatedly trashing them and their family members by name while offering google map directions to their homes of any poster - named or nameless - without their authorization, feel free to present it and I'll stop posting right now.

Always a pleasure.
Death, taxes, bubbakis havin' bupkis and Terri leavin' it on automatic pilot while takin' the easier, softer path.

Money in the bank.

Always a pleasure.

Now that you've got an account at Green Mountain Daily, why don't you just post there? As long as you agree with Odum, you can write anything you want, as often as you want.
Indy, do I strike you as the sort of fella who likes to talk to only folks I agree with? Seriously?

That gets old real fast.

Listen, now that you mention it, since they're tryin' to give me the same treatment here that Odum gave you for the same nebulous reasons and double standards, I'm gonna take this opportunity to tell you that while I disagree with you most of the time, unlike bubbakis, nekkie boy and the rest of the nameless nitwits with bupkis, I don't think you're a complete idiot. I just disagree with you.

You can take that for what it's worth, but I figured I'd best tell you now since I may not get another opportunity.

Best of luck to you.

That said, it's not a matter of me just posting where they're likely to agree with me. You could just post of VtPoliticker or Vermont Tiger all the time, too. What the hell do you care what Odum thinks?

It just chaps me here like it chaps you there.

This is just a simple matter of 500 anonymous complaints from 5 different IP Addresses and it's easier to ban me than it is to call it both ways.

The anonymous schmuck who keeps postin' my name and address all the time won't get banned. It would take to much effort to check the IP address and determine which of the handful of anonymous posters it is. It's strictly path of least resistance here.

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Evwybody's pickin' on lil' ol' innocent me!
Little jw has been taken to the woodshed by the teacher, so for a while he will be restricted to insults like "gosh", "drat", and maybe an occasional "jeezum crow"!

After all, no other blog will have him.
Thanks, Terri, for returning this blog to civilization.
So much ignorant anonymous trash with bupkis, so little time.
You are evidence of that JW.
Thanks Terri. Whew!
Said the ignorant anonymous trash with bupkis.

Always a pleasure.
That's you, buddy.
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