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Back in the Statehouse

A short while ago, Senate Democrats elected Peter Shumlin as their candidate for Senate president pro tem. Because they have a huge majority, 23-7, their candidate is the candidate. John Campbell stays on as majority leader. Claire Ayer stays on as assistant majority leader.

This time, with no controversy, they voted in public, unanimously, unlike two years ago when the secret ballot was said to be by one vote.

Legislators are in Montpelier for orientation in preparation for the new session in January. They'll learn some things about the state's power supply this afternoon.

House Republicans, who have 48 of the 150 seats, last night chose Patti Komline as their minority leader and Pat McDonald as assistant minority leader. Last term's leader, Steve Adams, chose to resume life away from the front lines.

In other moves, the Senate pro tem's assistant, Katie Maneras, is making us all envious by leaving for a months' long trip to New Zealand, Thailand and British Columbia. She may have the most sense of all of us. She will be replaced in the pro tem's office by Alex MacLean, who has for the last two years been the assistant in the speaker's office.

- Terri Hallenbeck

Right on man. I didn't know your name was Alex.
terri the repubs haven't met yet
OK, I may have jumped the gun on the finality of the House GOP leadership. But the Patti-Pat team is anticipated.
- TH
Just make stuff up as you go along...
Anonymous said...

"Just make stuff up as you go along..."

Hey, that approach has made the factose-intolerant, lunatic-fringe likes of you the nameless nitwit you are today, little fella.
Coopy says: "factose-intolerant"...

Love the new term Coopy. You have done an outstanding job cutting and pasting it into your recent posts.

When will the boys at the clubhouse be giving you new material?

"Coopy says: "factose-intolerant"...

Love the new term Coopy. You have done an outstanding job cutting and pasting it into your recent posts.

When will the boys at the clubhouse be giving you new material?"

Well, little fella, since I just started usin' the term in the last day or two and you've been postin' the same delusional dreck since before I got here, I like my odds better than yours.

Always a pleasure.
Well, little fella. Given that I just started using it last night and you've been spewin' the same delusional ditto-headed dreck since ya got here, I like my chances better than yours.

Always a pleasure.
Shut up.
Claire - Nice to meet ya. Never heard of ya. Stuff a sock in it.

Always a pleasure.
pat McDonald; ha, ha, ha.......
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