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Who'll be the next speaker?

As the vote for a new speaker of the House grows nearer, the field shrinks.

Rep. Johanna Donovan, a Democrat from Burlington, has dropped out of the race. That leaves Reps. Shap Smith of Morristown, Mark Larson of Burlington and Carolyn Partridge of Windham.

It is said to be a tight race. The winner replaces Gaye Symington, who ran unsuccessfully for governor instead of seeking re-election to the Legislature. House Democrats make a decision Dec. 6.

They'll also be deciding on a majority leader between Reps. Floyd Nease of Johnson and Janet Ancel of Calais.

Anything could happen, including dark horse candidates.

Two years ago, the Senate had a tight race for president pro tem. By the narrowest of margins, Peter Shumlin defeated John Campbell. This year, there doesn't seem to be any question Shumlin will keep the job and Campbell will return as majority leader.

- Terri Hallenbeck

my lord, can't we bring back Obie instead? After the Symington as Speaker experiment, can't we get someone with experience and gravitas in there to make the trains run on time? With the nation and state facing the greatest fiscal crisis in generations, do we really want another mild-mannered rookie to hold the gavel? All 3 of the listed folks are good people, but . . . but . . . but . . . C'MON!
Agreed. Well said. They just don't get it.
Republicans in the House that I've talked to have said that on the one hand they're rooting for Larson or Partridge, cuz they'll screw it up. But on the other hand, they're rooting for Smith because he'll be better for Vermont.
What if they elect a new speaker and nobody cares?
Jason Lorber is running for whip.

Kathy Pellet is running for clerk.

They'll both well suited for those jobs.
Nobody does care!
You're speakin' for everyone now, little nameless-nitwit fella?

If they can override doogie and the obstructionist gops in the House, they can force him to negotiate in good faith and get stuff done and get us outta this mess he and shrub have us in.

If not, we're toast for another two years.

Just how detailed a map do ya need, little fella?
You'll need more than that to get us out of the mess we've been in since the bad old days of Madeleine Kunin and Ralph Wright, or nationally the mess that started with (1) CRA act under Carter (2) NAFTA under Clinton (3) Freddy Mac and Fannie Mae, agencies used as social welfare handouts to the undeserving (4) and finally, the US House and Senate, currently run by the two biggest idiots (Pelosi and Reid) this side of Symington and Shumlin!
bubba said...

"You'll need more than that to get us out of the mess we've been in since the bad old days of Madeleine Kunin and Ralph Wright,..."

Nice try, bubbakis. No sale.

The Vermont the doogie/debacle inherited from Howard Dean six years ago was in far better shape than the one we have today.

This is doogie's mess and you've got bupkis.

The CRA has never been more than voluntary, the gops were as behind NAFTA as Clinton and you still can't point to a single piece of legislation that the Dems have passed since they regained control of Congress less than two years ago that can be blamed for this mess that Senate gop-slime couldn't filibuster and shrub didn't veto.

Ya got bupkis, bubbakis. Ya always do.

Always a pleasure.
no one cares at all
"This is doogie's mess and you've got bupkis."

What's your evidence that the sorry state of the Vermont economy isn't completely or at least partly due to the hysterically anti-business idiots who've run the Legislature for the last 4 years, pal?
Ya mean besides his vetoes, little nameless-nitwit fella.

Christ, at least put some effort into it, schmuck.

Always a pleasure.
Exactly, his vetoes of higher taxes and pathological anti-business measures.

At least put some thought into it yourself, _______.

Is it absolutely impossible for you to answer a question without hurling an obscenity?

Not a pleasure.
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