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Tell it to Welch

Pardonez-moi, but I had posted about a Welch telephone town meeting and apparently I was too eager for this week to be moving along and misspoke on the day. So hold your calls until Wednesday. Sorry for the jumpstart.

You have a chance to tell Rep. Peter Welch how you feel about the bailout - or anything else - WEDNESDAY NIGHT on the telephone.

He'll be holding another telephonic town hall meeting. You can dial in toll-free at 1-877-229-8493 and enter PIN code: 13785.

The call takes place 7-8 p.m. That's Wednesday.

- Terri Hallenbeck

Call all you want. Welch will do what the unions tell him to. They, along with incompetent management have ruined the US auto industry and SHOULD be forced to reorg under Chapter 11, like the airlines.
It's Wednesday night, not tonight, Terri.
Who bailed out Boeing?
JWCoop10 said...
Actually, bush, his gop-slime rubber-stamps and the Pentagon tried to in 2003 until a handful of gops and Senate Dems stopped 'em from fleecing the public on a tanker scam.

Feel free to check.

Then, of course, there's now.

Fortunately, now that competence and integrity have been restored to the White House and there's a legitimate, competent Dem-controlled Congress in place, that's just not gonna happen.

Always a pleasure.
If you go back a little farther in time, you'll find thatBoeing was bailed out by the federal government. That's pre-Microsoft Seattle.
There wouldn't be a Boeing without a government bailout.
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