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Dean debt

Howard Dean prided himself for his fiscal conservatism when he was governor of Vermont, never letting the state go into debt, but not so with his leadership of the Democratic National Committee, or so it seems.

Faced with what party insiders say is $15 million in red ink, the DNC needs help and it looks like it's going to get it from no less than Barack Obama. The campaign operation of the of president-elect has lent its vast e-mail contributors' list to the DNC and this week Obama campaign chairman David Plouffe authored a fundraising letter asking the masses to help pay off the debt

"The DNC's 50-state field strategy was crucial to our campaign's success, as well as victories for Democrats up and down the ballot," Plouffe wrote in his appeal. "Their organizing infrastructure allowed us to compete -- and win -- in states that seemed insurmountable just four years ago. They took out substantial loans to make it happen. The DNC didn't hold back, and now, neither can we."

Plouffe goes on to ask folks to send in $30 or more and, in return, they'll get a T-shirt commemorating Obama's victory. Nice.

Coupla thoughts. Dean's presumeably in the hunt for a cabinet post, now that he's confirmed he'll be leaving the DNC in January. Does the DNC predicament help or hurt his chances? And you gotta wonder how the Clinton folks feel about the Obama campaign's swift pitch in to retire the DNC debt. Hillary asked Obama months ago for help in retiring her $20 million campaign debt, but last I heard, help for HRC has not been too forthcoming.

And one more thought for the road. I thought the Obama campaign was so awash in money it didn't know what to do with it all before Election Day. Guess not.

-- Sam Hemingway

Did they retake Congress in '06 under Dean, Sam?

Did they make gains in State Legislatures and Governor's Mansions?

Did they increase those margins last week?

Did Obama win?

How'd Dean's tenure as Governor stack up against this schmuck's?

Unlike Vermont after six years of the jimi douglas experience, Dean left Vermont better than he found it.

So is the DNC and the Country.

Winning takes care of things.

Dean's debt will disappear a lot quicker than shrub and doogie's.
Who pays for Gov Douglas's trip to Florida for the Republican Governors meeting?
Actually, you will. Douglas will be sending his expense report to you when he gets back in town.

Thanks for being such a supportive citizen.
Dean's "50-state" strategy - short about 24 states?


The 50 state strategy means that Dems would establish local bases and infrastructure in all states not just hold on to "blue" states and aim for swing states. As a result, the following states went from "red" last time to "blue" this time: Florida, Ohio, Virginia, Indiana, Colorado,New Hampshire to name a few.
Pretty successsful, I'd say
Add North Carolina, Iowa and Nevada to the above.
Obama should pay off the debt - he has lots of money!
Not as much as Bush and Cheney.
bubba said...

"Dean's "50-state" strategy - short about 24 states?"

Gee, I hate to keep confusin' your ignorant anonymous ass with the facts, bubbakis, but who's President-Elect as we speak? Who controls Congress? Who gained seats? Who lost 'em?

Who's prayin' for a pardon and/or on their way to jail? Who's on their way outta DC?

Electoral votes aside, even your ignorant anonymous ass's own clueless-cretin calculations, you should know that 26 is more than 24 and you're still dumb, still scum and ya still got bupkis, little fella.

That leaves the planets aligned, the universe in harmony and you and nameless-nitwit nation's sorry, lifeless, lunatic-fringe butts in a ditch by the side of the road.

Always a pleasure.
Hey, don't complain to me - I wasn't the one that fired Crazy Howie.
Who fired Howie and how does his successful tenure at the DNC and as the last competent Governor of Vermont make him "crazy", bubbakis?

That's what I thought.

Your ignorant anonymous trash with bupkis allegations aren't evidence, bubbakis.

As always, they're merely your ignorant anonymous trash with bupkis allegations, little fella.
Is this Sam's first blog post since he posted false information about Anthony Pollina 6 months ago?

We never saw a retraction for that Sam.
Funny how whenever Dean's 50 State Strategy comes up, no one ever mentions the old pol he learned it from, former Vermont House Speaker Ralph Wright. Give Ralphy the credit he deserves, people! Now, if only the Republicans in Vermont would read Ralph's book, we might go back to being a 2 party state again.
Gops don't fare well in a fair fight. If they can't buy it or steal it, they're basically screwed.
Guess Obama wants to send his money to China so it can abort more wanted babies of less desirable tribal groups. We're short on funds and he wants to send funding to the UN Population Fund. Eugenics at its finest.
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