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Staff changes

Gov. Jim Douglas, elected to a fourth term in office Tuesday, said he expects some changes in his administrative staff, including departures from a few who have been with him for the duration and are looking to return to the private sector.

The first of them emerged Thursday, when Michael Quinn, commissioner of the state Department of Economic Development, announced he was stepping down. Quinn has worked for Douglas all six years he has been in office.

Douglas spokesman Jason Gibbs said more changes are expected this week. Douglas said he hopes to have replacements in place before January.

Anybody in particular you'd like to see shuffle off? Any replacements you'd like to recommend? Or should be pare some of the jobs? (I mean besides the pr ones?)

- Terri Hallenbeck

How long will the VT GOP stick with Rob Roeper. That guy has been a total failure. The GOP LOST ground in the VT legislature, despite Roeper's explicit focus on legislative seats.

Stick a fork in this guy.
I wonder which unemployment line Jimmy Barnett is standing in this morning?

How long before Douglas offers that washed up political hack a job in his administration?
I know kind words aren't the norm here, but Mike Quinn was a steady, hard-working knowledgable guy who concentrated on the job, not the politics. He'll be missed
There are good people on both sides.
I hope Douglas replaces ALL Commissioners and Secretaries who with their PR mouthpieces, continually PAT DOUGLAS ON THE BACK!
Let's see, Douglas shoul;d replace some of his incompetent people like:

Cindy Laware
Kevin Dorn
Jason Gibbs
Heidi Cringe
Betsy Bishop
David Herlihy
Dennise Casey - before she receives an appt.

Watch to see who receives appts - campaign staffers like Dennise Casey, Dubie's Susan Hudson, maybe even bringing back Jim Barnett.

Jim Douglas has brought a new level of cronyism to his appts.
Maybe he'll appoint some of Ho-ho's political hacks. You know - like the campaign staffers that that he he appointed to exempt positions.
Typical GOP - blame the democratic predecessor!
Fact is...

Jim Douglas and GOP has taken this process of cronyism to a new level!

Very similar to Bush!
When Governor Douglas first took office, state government got flooded with bankers and lobbyists. Each Commissioner got a deputy or two, and a Principal Assistant and the top got very heavy (and expensive). Perhaps reducing the top and fostering the "worker bees" would eliminate the need for so many in leadership positions.

It would be nice to get more subject matter experts in key positions, Human Services in particular has been run by bankers and a HR experts. Perhaps someone with more of a clue that would advocate for best practice rather than "political practice" would better serve those in need of assistance in Vermont and bring savings for tax payers?

Also, let's take a look at Corrections and the fellow who wants to blame all of the over crowding on "the blacks from the Bronx." Perhaps we could find a more forward thinking person to be in charge?

It would also be nice to find a permanent leader of the Health Dept. Lord knows, that rudderless ship has been floating adrift with no decision-makers far too long.

Finally, while not necessarily appropriate to this subject, Armando Villaseca (sp?) would serve VT well as Education Commissioner.
Lots of whining about Douglas and his appointees. He must be doing something right to get re-elected along with Dubie in the most liberal state in the country. Guess a lot of liberals figured they'd be on some Symington gravy train and it just didn't work out.

I feel so bad. Boo Hoo.
In other words, bubbakis has got bupkis.

Stop the presses.
Sounds like sour grapes Coopy... are you still licking your wounds from Gaye's loss?
Nah, I'm laughin' at ignorant anonymous trash with bupkis and lookin' at a President Obama and a Vermont Legislature with two more Dem votes, one fewer gop-slime votes and a new Speaker who won't allow themselves to be rolled, sandbagged and ambushed by the doogie debacle, little fella.

Vermonters gave doogie another shot, schmuck, but they also gave him an even larger Dem Legislative Majority and an even smaller gop-slime minority.

Feel free to check, chump.

If he's not willing to work with the legislature Vermont gave him and is gonna threaten to veto everything in sight, then they should take his head off and I mean that in the nicest possible way.

In DC, I'll wager that this isn't the first time a Black Man has been hired to clean up one of shrub's messes. I'm sure it won't be the last.

Always a pleasure.
Shummy will be running the place while the house dems fight for the political scraps.

Rogers for Speaker

Shap Smith for Squeaker of the House
Rogers' brain resembles the bricks that he lays.
john rogers is a good man!
It won't matter; Shumlin will only let one person run the state house and that is HIM!
Boy, I will sleep good now.
Sour grapes?

Naw, Coop's always been a pudgy little bitch.

He's always got to be bellowing and bawling about something.

If he ever stops Mo will be dancing for joy out in the street because the little SOB finally did her the great kindness of dropping dead.
And your ignorant anonymous ass will still have no shot, schmuck.

You're dumb, you're scum and ya got bupkis.

Wow Jiffy, how cutting.

I just may have to sit and laugh at you for a few minutes to recover from that one.
Maybe Jiffy would like to lick Gayes wounds.

That is a sickening site
Shumlins wishes are comin true!
Yeah....he did a nice job getting Gaye out of the way. What a political hack.
Shap for Sqeaker of the House

Only if his wifey says it's OK
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