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Official count

The official vote count and turnout has been published on the Secretary of State's Web site, which you can access here.

So what do we see?
In the governor's race, Republican incumbent Jim Douglas received 53.4% of the vote to independent Anthony Pollina's 21.8% and Democrat Gaye Symington's 21.7%. The difference between Pollina and Symington was 257 votes.

In the lieutenant governor's race, Republican incumbent Brian Dubie got 55% to Democrat Tom Costello's 39.1%.

All the other incumbents for statewide office -- all Democrats -- won re-election with greater than 70 percent of the vote. Treasurer Jeb Spaulding had 89.9%.

How many folks voted? Lots. The secretary of state says 326,822 or 71.9% of the registered voters. Nearly one-third of those voters cast their ballots early.

Which county had the highest turnout? Addison at 77.8%. The lowest? Orleans at 68.5%. Where were the most early votes cast? Chittenden County with 36.3% of voters casting ballots before Election Day. Where were the fewest early votes cast? Essex County at 17.3%.

The town with the highest turnout -- Shelburne. One district in the town recorded 89.9% turnout and the other came in at 88.9%. Where was turnout lowest? A section of Barre city, with 46.8%. The other two voting districts in Barre were 52.9% and 56.8%. The other low spot in the state was Norton at 49.2%.

There's other interesting stuff in the lists. Take a look.

-- Nancy Remsen

Did Don Collins win or not?
Don Collins lost, Randy Brock won. Whatever the SOS's office had up on that yesterday was not correct and is no longer up.

Here are our election night counts in that two-seat race, showing Brock the top vote-getter and Sara Kittell winning the second seat:

Don Collins, 8,732
Sara Kittell, 8,921
Randy Brock, 9,307
Bill Rowell, 7,386

- TH
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That is just sad.
Huh ???????? Collins lost to Kittel that is sad

Dumbest beat dumber
JW could be a senator in that district... he is as smart as buty not as cute as Kittel
Kittell is cute?
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"JWCoop10 said...
Do they let nameless nitwits with bupkis run in your district, little fella?"

Great question Coopy! You should know if you qualify before you invest heavily in your run for office.

Good thinkin'. Those years of studying at the Jethro Bodine Academy of Higher Learnin' really paid off.
Man, it must be a bummer to be a republican in vermont right now!
Yeah...mostly because we have to watch the inept Dems waste away another legislative session after another.

Why do you Dems tolerate so much bumbling by your leaders?
No one wants to suffer the wrath of Shumlin.
But you do by the power of your own vote! Throw the bums out!
Ya just had your shot, schmuck. Ya struck out. Again.

Suck it up, get back on the bench and stuff a sock in it or hit the showers.

Mo must be so proud of you Jiffy.

Why you're the biggest A-hole in Vermont!
Another in the long list of accomplishments by our little pal Coopy.

He is the man!
Always with the ignorant anonymous sweet talk, schmuck.

Always a pleasure.
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