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How about a single question that could be asked off all the gubernatorial candidates?

There's only one "f" in "of."
UVM's tuition continues to sky-rocket and many Vermonters cannot afford the state's University. Because of this, UVM accepts more students from out of state because of the state government's decision not to give more funding to Vermont's State Colleges. How will you invest more money in higher education and make college more affordable?
What specific actions will you take to lower(not shift between State and Local) taxes in Vermont?
Building on Anon 12:41, how about this? The Vermont State Colleges enroll far more Vermont students than UVM or any combination of colleges in or outside the state. The VSC colleges are the "peoples' colleges" of Vermont. Yet less than 17% of the all funds budget for VSC comes from the state appropriation. The VSC is the fourth or fifth largest employer in the state. Question: As Governor what will you do to ensure that the "peoples' colleges" will remain financially viable for the people?
Which one of you is not a flatlander?
Where is the best place to store the VY nuclear waste and what will you do to see that it is stored there?

Can safety at VY be improved? If so, how?
How will you communicate things to the voters that are honest but the voters do not want to hear?
Who do you think is the most effective politician in Vermont that is not of your political party?
That would be great to hear!
Which candidate has not held an elected position while Vermont's economy has been deteriorating?
Do you believe it is acceptable to have Vermont inmates housed out of state in private for-profit prisons? Have you ever accepted campaign contributions from Corrections Corporation of America?
Do you have any SPECIFIC (WELL THOUGHT OUT) plans for Vermont's energy future?
When and what was your last job in the private sector?

What were your major accomplishments in that job?
Regarding sex offenders in Vermont. What do you feel the judicial treatment should be?
Do you, or any of your family members, own stock in Corrections Corporation of America?
Ask all candidates if they will accept campign contributions from the respective national party? if yes, what do they think is an aceptable level of contribution for a Vermont race?
If the legislatre passes "Jessica's Law," will you sign it into law?
Doubling up on anonymous 10:59, maybe the question should be: Given that prosecutors, victim advocates, law enforcement officials and many others closely associated with the horrible crime of child abuse are opposed to simplistic solutions to the problem such as "Jessica's Law", what do you hope the legislature would do to both better educate the public about the problem and to punish those who abuse a child?
What's Vermont's greatest asset to enhance/ biggest problem to solve?
What is your opinion on current land use rules and regulations in Vermont as they relate to commercial composting facilities?
what experiences from your past do you think make you qualified to be Governor?
Since the political dynamics of this state make it difficult to decrease overall government spending, how to you plan to strengthen and increase the state's tax base?
The Nuclear Waste Policy Act of 1982 required the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) dispose of spent fuel from all nuclear power plants no later than January 31, 1998.

Since the Feds have broken their word and aren't going to remove the nuclear waste from VY, what should we do with the nuclear waste that we have? What should we do with the nuclear waste we will generate in the future?
If Vermont Yankee's safety record continues to erode, should the plant be shut down? The license not extended? If so, what alternatives are currently available to Vermonters and what will you do to take advantage of these options?
Do you know how to milk a cow?
Pronounce Leicester.
Why are there so many songs about rainbows?
Can you point to a project being done in a different state that you would like to bring to Vermont because you know it can work here?
and what's on the other side?
Have you ever been arrested?
Who should take the blame for failing to cost-average LIHEAP funds? We could have doubled the amount of fuel last year, but no, it didn't happen.
What is an ounce of weed selling for on the streets of Barre?
On February 22, 2006, the House rejected an amendment to H 856: MANDATORY MINIMUM SENTENCING AMENDMENT which attempted to set “mandatory minimum sentences for individuals convicted of "lewd or lascivious conduct with child", sexual assault or aggravated sexual assault”. It also attempted to remove the avenue of early release and any possibility of suspension of minimum sentencing – by anybody.

The VOTE TO REJECT was: 82 votes (74-Dem; 3-Rep; 5-Prog)
The VOTE TO APPROVE was: 50 votes (48-Rep; 1-Dem; 1-Ind)

My question for all three candidates is:

Through your direct or indirect involvement or your observation of this proceeding in our legislature, in your opinion what studies, expert testimony or voter feedback most influenced this vote?

It is important that the candidates answer this question without inferences (direct or indirect) of a personal and pointless nature.

The sources for the information I cite are:


Responding to Anonymous ay 7:41pm July 26th
Anthony Pollina has never held a political office. He has great ideas but has been labled as a person who takes votes away from the two major partys. People should start to think about the fact that there are more ideals than those of Democrats or Repulcans.
Anthony Pollina for Governor '08
Who cares if Anthony is no longer a Progressive - elect him!
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