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In the woods

Climate change. Making goal of maintaining forests a reality.

AP: Let's maintain those resources. To be productive, need to invest in value-added products.

JD: Vermont Climate Collaborative will pursue all the ideas climate change commission came up with. Vermonters will have greater access to forests for fuel for this winter.

GS: Vermont's forests define the name of our state. Legislature has led by embedding current use into ta policy - taxing forest and farmland at its current use.

- TH

Regarding Symington’s comment I submit this quote from Boston.com’s article entitled “Farm Bill Full of Pet Causes Backed By Individual Lawmaker’s” and dated May 14, 2008. The article was written by Jim Abrams.

[QUOTE]……Republicans went after Democratic-backed provisions, such as one backed by Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-VT., that allows the federal government to sell portions of the Green Mountain National Forest to a ski resort in the state. Leahy’s office countered that the provision, backed by the state and the Forest Service, would save the Forest Service management costs by selling land that has long been used for skiing.[END QUOTE]

Leahy's bill also is referred to on the White House website multiple times as ONE reason for the President vetoing the Farm Bill and of course the text of the bill can be found on Thomasnet.

....and our Vermont legislature is helping us exactly how Ms. Symington????? Is this bill an example of what you mean?
So much nameless-nitwit nonsense, so little time.

"....and our Vermont legislature is helping us exactly how Ms. Symington????? Is this bill an example of what you mean?"

Is your ignorant anonymous ass gonna blame Symington for failing to override Bush's vetoes now, too, deduce bag?

Which part of Bush vetoed the legislation is giving you trouble, punk?

From 1/01 -1/07, gop scum controlled all 3 branches of the Federal Government for six years, schmuck. Even when the Obama family is done fumigating the WH, gop scum will still control the Supreme Court, deduce bag.

No sooner than Clinton got rid of the first Bush Deficit, this criminally-incompetent, illegitimate-trash administration and their gop-scum rubber-stamp Congress took the largest Federal Surplus and turned it into the largest Federal Deficit and racked up more debt than the Previous 42 Presidents combined.

Oil was 30 bucks/gallon and gas was $1.35/gallon.

What is it today?

Like the Depression. This is a gop-scum disaster from top to bottom.

Get your ignorant anonymous ass a case and a clue of get lost.

Always a pleasure.
Vermont legislature leading the way again Gaye?


(i) IN GENERAL- Before soliciting offers under subparagraph (B), the Secretary shall offer to convey to Bromley the land described in paragraph (2)

Of course the state can use the money to do this:


“….(2) USE- Amounts deposited under paragraph (1) shall be available to the Secretary until expended, without further appropriation, for--
(A) the location and relocation of the Appalachian National Scenic Trail and the Long National Recreation Trail in the State;….”
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