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On the genetic farm

Rain has stopped. Makes hearing easier.

Genetic safety of crops:

GS: Legislature passed with Douglas administration farmer protection bill, which Douglas vetoed.

AP: Time to declare independence from industrial ag. (His people keep cheering and being excoriated by David Moats)

JD: Two sides to GMO debate. I don't want to pit farmer against farmer. That's why I rejected that bill.

- TH

Apparently JD never read the bill, which protected ALL farmers from lawsuit and made the Monsantos of the world liable for damages. This guy has got to go.
Apparently a few people haven't read the bill:

Taken from the text of the Farm Bill Ammendment at Thomasnet



(a) Civil Penalties for Violations- Section 424(b)(1) of the Plant Protection Act (7 U.S.C. 7734(b)(2)) is amended by striking subparagraphs (A) and (B) and inserting the following:

`(A) $50,000 in the case of any individual (except that the civil penalty may not exceed $1,000 in the case of an initial violation of this title by an individual moving regulated articles not for monetary gain);

`(B) $250,000 in the case of any other person for each violation;

`(C) $500,000 for each violation adjudicated in a single proceeding;

`(D) $1,000,000 for each violation adjudicated in a single proceeding involving a genetically modified organism (as determined by the Secretary); or

`(E) twice the gross gain or gross loss for any violation, forgery, counterfeiting, unauthorized use, defacing, or destruction of a certificate, permit, or other document provided for in this title that results in the person deriving pecuniary gain or causing pecuniary loss to another.'." [end quote]
JD and AP state their opinion. GS only seems to state history. Was there more to her answer than was printed?
If reason, reality and the historical record are gonna be part of the exam, doogie's toast.
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