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Two Republican women jump into state senate races

Assistant House Republican Leader Pat McDonald of Berlin has announced she will seek a seat in the state Senate representing Washington County.

McDonald is in only her second term in the House, but has a long history in state government, having been secretary of the Agency of Transportation, and commissioner of motor vehicle, labor and human resources.

McDonald may be hoping to capture the seat that Sen. Phil Scott, R-Washington, will vacate because he's chosen instead to run for lieutenant governor. Washington County has three seats in the Senate. Two have been held by Republicans and one by a Democrat.

In Franklin County, Judith McLaughlin will run for the state Senate, also as a Republican. Franklin County currently has one Republican senator -- Randy Brock, who has said he will run for re-election -- and one Democratic senator, Sara Kittell.

McLaughlin is a retired lieutenant colonel in the Vermont Army National Guard.

"She has strong leadership skills and she is eager to provide some public service," said Linda Kirker, Franklin County Republican chairwoman. "I say, go girl!"

-- Nancy Remsen


This is great!
Is it?
Say good-bye Sara
Yeah, it's great.
Pat's campaign wants to sit on every fence in Washington County so she can show people how she will lead them.
I wonder if our old friend Anthony Pollina will try for the Washington County Senate seat, assuming he decides not to run for governor as a P or D. On second thought, that's a pretty big assumption. 2010 is probably his best chance ever to become Gov., since the Dems and Repubs are so fragmented and it is an open seat next year.
best chance? his numbers have continually gone down election to election. people are starting to realize how useless he really is. He can't win anything! Never has! When has he ever contributed on any level of government? Never.
anthony beat gaye symington. he'd make a great state senator.
Anyone but McD. She's looking for a hobby.
Annie Noonan for Wash County Senate!
David Zuckerman for Chittenden Co senate!
"anthony beat gaye symington. he'd make a great state senator."

Anthony got 23% of the vote to Gaye's 22%. To say that he "beat" her is ridiculous spin.

The fact is, he's run for statewide office 4 times and lost 4 times. He's a pathetic loser who only keeps running because his ridiculous ego vanquished his common sense and his sense of dignity a long time ago.
Anthony who?

He's irrelevant at this point!

He can't win!
Pat McDonald works hard for the state - she will do a good job.
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