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Ben & Jerry for Fed chairman?

Sen. Bernie Sanders on the Colbert Report last night: The interview starts with Colbert going to commercial. Sanders says nothing to bemoan the "corporate media."

Colbert asks him to address the "vicious rumors" that he is a Socialist. "I am a Democratic Socialist, that's correct," Sanders responds. Thing is, they'd been over this territory the last time Sanders was on. It does allow Sanders national airtime to do his thing. ("Wall Street is not America.")

They then get more current, with Colbert asking Sanders who he'd want to be Fed chairman if not Ben Bernanke.

Colbert: "I assume since you're Vermont you'd rather have Ben & Jerry."

Sanders: "They would probably be a lot better choice."

Colbert: "They could certainly make some flavors, perhaps 'credit crunch.'"

You can watch it here.

- Terri Hallenbeck

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Sounds like Sanders was a regular laff riot.

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