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Welch and the prez

Rep. Peter Welch apparently didn't win a mention from the president, but his program for investing in home energy-efficiency did today.

Welch did win a mention in the Wall Street Journal's blog:

Green jobs are still a big part of the Obama administration’s plan to jumpstart job creation.

In this morning’s big jobs speech, President Obama outlined three main ways Washington can get people back to work: helping small business get more credit so as to hire more people; beefing up investment in infrastructure such as rail, roads, and bridges, and ramping up government support for energy efficiency and clean energy.

Specifically, the President asked Congress to “provide rebates for consumers who make energy efficiency retrofits,” which in theory would provide a double-whammy of providing jobs and saving consumers money by sealing up leaky houses. Mr. Obama said “we know that creates jobs.”

UPDATE: One lawmaker who feels vindicated after today’s speech: Vermont congressman Peter Welch. He wrote energy-efficiency legislation this spring that became part of the Waxman-Markey energy bill. Now, the plan is to carve it out and make it part of the jobs package.

The “cash for caulkers” bill as written would offer $20 billion over two years to help homeowners make their houses more energy efficient. Rep. Welch says that would save about $3.3 billion per year in energy bills—as well as creating 600,000 to 850,000 jobs over two years.

“Just because something makes sense and is quick and easy to do is no reason not to do it,” Rep. Welch told us.

_ Terri Hallenbeck

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"cash for caulkers"... one more government giveaway. Explain to me how tax credits to caulk your house will (save or) create jobs. Caulking may be the single easiest do-it-yourself project. No one in their right mind will hire someone to caulk their home. If they have any interest in doing it they will buy 4 or 5 tubes of caulk and do it themselves on some Saturday afternoon. C'mon. These guys are clueless!
Welch thinks most homeowners are dunces and do not have the capacity to understand weatherstripping and/or insulating.
I am surprised Welch and Obama haven't come up with a plan to give everyone a brand new home if their old one isn't winterized properly.
Look how many jobs that would create.
$3.3 billion per year savings- Welch- where do you get those estimates??? For that amount of money, you could easily reinsulate every house on the northern border.
The rich are responsible for the global warming caused by leaky windows
No, certain rich people, such as Al Gore, are responsible for gloabl warming because they're egomaniacal pigs. The guys has numerous houses which collectively consume the same resources as 50 average Americans. Plus, he jets around the world on a personal jet.

Then this hypocritical pig has the nerve to lecture us on global warming?

Frankly, I can't believe he hasn't already been stoned to death by hateful crowds wherever his friggin jet lands.
Daily Show's Jon Stewart didn't mention Welch by name either, but even the left leaning comedian couldn't take just how stupid this idea is....

Check out:

Stewart rips Obama's 'Cash for Caulkers' and Congressional TARP spending
Online Community Manager
12/09/09 11:27 AM EST
Jon Stewart mocked President Obama last night for pushing 'weatherization' as a sure-fire way to create more jobs. Stewart also targeted Congressional spending of the TARP savings for a few laughs. Watch below:

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