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Changes in Gov. Douglas' staff

This just in from Gov. Jim Douglas' office: Deputy Chief of Staff/spokeswoman Dennise Casey is leaving to take a job with the Republican Governors Association.

Casey says the new gig involves helping Republican governors get elected in 2010. Which means it's no more secure than working for a retiring governor.

No surprise that Douglas would be losing staffers, what with his pending retirement from the office. A surprise, though, that Casey is leaving already.

Douglas' inner circle has been growing smaller and smaller, partly because the size of his staff has shrunk. The question now is does he reach outside the circle to replace her? Who does he get to do that job for a year?

Here's the news release:

Montpelier, Vt. – Long-time Douglas staffer, Dennise Casey will leave the Governor’s office at the end of the year to take a senior position at the Republican Governors Association (RGA), the Governor announced today.

“This is a bittersweet announcement,” said Governor Douglas. “Dennise has been an important part of my team since 2002 and she will be missed. However, I am thrilled that Dennise will continue her good work at the RGA as we gear up for an exciting 2010 election. Her intelligence and energy will be a real asset to the organization.”

Casey, 28, has worked for Governor Jim Douglas since her senior year at UVM when she served as State Field Director on the Governor’s first election campaign. Since graduating from UVM in 2003, Casey has worked in the Agency of Administration where she served as Principal Assistant to Secretary Charlie Smith, and in the Governor’s Office serving as Special Assistant to the Governor, Secretary of Civil and Military Affairs and most recently as Deputy Chief of Staff and Communications Director.

Dennise has worked on all of the Governor’s election campaigns, managing his 2006 and 2008 races.

“I want to thank Governor Douglas for the distinct honor of serving the people of Vermont over the last seven years,” said Casey. “His agenda of hope and opportunity and his voice of reason in Montpelier have made a real difference for the people of this great state. I am going to miss being a part of such a great team.”

Details of Casey’s new position at the Republican Governors Association will be released later this month. For questions regarding the RGA, please contact Communications Director, Mike Schrimpf at 202.662.4147.

_ Terri Hallenbeck

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Casey leaving is a good thing for Vermont!
This is a golden opportunity for Douglas to practice what he preaches. Given the severe financial situation of the state, one has to expect that the Governor will not replace Ms Casey, but simply assign her duties to others. All sectors of state government have to do more with less.
Good Luck Denise - vermonters appreciate all your hard work!
Good luck Dennise - don't let the door hit you on the way out!
Casey is hugely responsible for the partisan divide in the statehouse.
Then howcome the Dems say they like her?

I think the intransigent, liberal Dems, who are the well-known slaves of VPIRG and the VSEA, are just as responsible for the "partisan divide" as the Administration is, if not more.
Clearly, you are not a stateside insider - the Governor and his staff have been more responsible for the partisan divide than any other party or group.
Hey, Pot! It's me, Kettle!
No, I'm not an "insider." I'm giving you the perspective that everyone on the "outside" sees. You know, the people who actually vote? You need to get "outside" more.
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